Latest Rafael Nadal training footage shows encouraging signs in Spaniard’s road to return

Much has been talked about Rafael Nadal’s glaring absence from tennis in 2023. The Spaniard is undergoing an intense rehabilitation process to ensure he bounces back from his injuries sustained in this year’s Australian Open and makes an effective comeback.

Rafa has been working hard and it seems like an eternity since he shared photos of himself bandaged on a hospital bed. Since then, he has been training hard while remaining inconclusive on the exact date of his return. Nevertheless, a recent update on his training process has had fans elated. Rafa seems to be upping the intensity of his workouts.

Rafael Nadal training footage encourages fans

It is well known that Rafael Nadal trains at his academy in Mallorca during his downtime. That arena is exactly where the 22-time Grand Slam champion is training vigorously to fast-track his rehabilitation.

From swimming pool escapades to gym workouts, Rafael Nadal has slowly progressed through the trials of his recovery process. Since he got back on the practice courts to whip some forehands down the line, fans have taken to social media to share their joy at seeing their idol return to the game.

Now, in a recent update on his training program, Rafael Nadal can be seen partaking in an intense tennis session with two unknown individuals. What stands out from the footage is the increased intensity in the Spaniard’s workout and a glimpse of his prime form can be seen as brings out his trademark topspin forehand and double-handed backhand.

The signs are encouraging for Rafa and despite a season of missed opportunities, he can ensure that 2024 brings him accolades and successes that he had always envisioned himself concluding his career with.

Fans of the Spaniard and tennis will be smacking their lips in delight at the prospect of seeing Rafa back on the professional circuit, and if his recent training footage is anything to go by, then that day is not far from now.

“Next year I imagine will be my last. This would be my objective, to try and finish and make next year the final one of my career, at least with the hope of being able to enjoy it,” Rafa had said.

Former coach assesses Nadal’s career compared to Novak Djokovic

Serena Williams’ former coach Rick Macci had some interesting words of praise for Rafael Nadal on Tuesday. He took to Twitter to share some thoughts on the ‘Big 3’ of tennis, and whilst praising all 3 players, he also shed some light on whom he thought was the best.

Certainly, if statistics are the holy grail of determining the GOAT of tennis, then Novak Djokovic rules the roster. And it does seem like Rick Macci feels the same way about it too. However, fans of all three players will have their diverse opinions to debate with, and the topic remains a controversial and heated discussion.

Aspects like who played whom during their prime, against which players did the three titans of tennis compete with all matter when discussing who has the best career. Novak Djokovic, who is on a high after triumphing in the US Open and the Paris Masters, leads the statistical race but it is well known that he didn’t face Federer until much later in the Swiss’ career.

Rafael Nadal has his strengths and has been on the tennis circuit for over two decades now. His contention for the GOAT title remains a solid prospect and the Spaniard can extend his legacy by making a return to the sport and winning more grand slams.

What are your opinions on Rafael Nadal’s recent training session? Will we see Rafa in the 2024 Australian Open? Let us know in the comments section below.


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