LeBron James’ prediction for Stephen Curry to dominate NBA footage resurfaces after Warriors’ win vs Lakers in NBA semifinals game 2

As the Golden State Warriors prepare to face off against the Los Angeles Lakers in the playoffs, fans are looking back at the beginnings of the rivalry between Stephen Curry and LeBron James. In his Davidson days, Curry was just a kid with a talent for hitting threes, and even LeBron, still trying to find his own footing in the league, was not yet aware of the star Curry would become.

Despite this, LeBron was already a believer in Curry’s talent from the very beginning, calling his NBA success after Curry’s first professional game. During a drive home from watching Steph play, James commented on the young point guard’s impressive skills and how he was taught well by his former NBA player father.

“Stephen Curry? Yeah, I think so,” said a young James when asked about Curry’s NBA future. “He knows how to play the game of basketball being the son of a former NBA player. He was taught well how to play the game of basketball. He has the talent. He’s good, I was impressed…” he added.

Steph’s success in Golden State has led to many epic showdowns with LeBron, elevating his career to the level of the NBA’s all-time greats. If he wins another championship this year, many may re-examine the hierarchy of the league’s legends.

In fact, Stephen A. Smith has even gone so far as to suggest that if Steph beats LeBron in this series and wins his fifth NBA championship, he may deserve a place on Mount Rushmore, potentially replacing LeBron himself.

But Steph’s impact goes beyond just being the face of a dynasty; he has also changed the way basketball is played. His influence on the sport is hard to deny, and even LeBron saw his potential from the very beginning.

As the Warriors and Lakers face off once again, fans will be watching to see how the latest chapter of this storied rivalry plays out, with both players vying for a spot in NBA history.

The King’s Struggles: LeBron James’ Impact on the Lakers’ Playoff Fate

LeBron James scored 23 points, grabbed seven rebounds, and made three assists in the Lakers’ recent game against the Warriors. However, Anthony Davis struggled heavily and seemed to disappear, dooming the Lakers’ defensive and offensive efforts. Despite winning the right to home-court advantage, the Lakers will need to put in a stronger effort in Games 3 and 4 at home to secure a 3-1 lead in the series.

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The Lakers had a strong start in Game 1, but the Warriors have seemingly taken the upper hand since the fourth quarter of that game. LeBron James will need to step up his game and lead the team to a victory in Game 3 to avoid falling behind in the series.

The Lakers need to be more aggressive for all four quarters, as the Warriors have a tendency to bury teams with their offensive swings and make them give up. The upcoming game will be crucial for the Lakers as they look to maintain their lead in the series.


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