Leon Edwards claims title fight vs Kamaru Usman still on for UFC London

What a story the second Leon Edwards vs Kamaru Usman fight had! The two Welterweight fought once before with Kamaru picking up the win and Leon had a long road to a rematch. The second match went to Leon after a brutal last-minute knockout and now a third fight is set to soon take place.

Kamaru Usman has sustained a lot of injuries over his long career and it seems like the wear and tear are finally getting to him. He took some time off to recover after fighting Edwards the first time but even now seems to be moving around with bandages around his hand. This led many to speculate the third bout may be canceled.

What does Leon Edwards say about the Leon Edwards vs Kamaru Usman title fight?

While speaking in the Believe You Me podcast, the British had this to say, “Yeah, 100 percent, that’s what I’ve been told, that’s what my team has been told. I spoke to the UFC last week, I think, and they said, ‘The fight’s on, he’s already training for the fight.’ I am aiming toward that, and if anything changes in the meantime, we’ll go from there. But now I’m focused on the trilogy with Usman in London.”

Speaking about his opponent the Jamaican said, “I just want to see how he reacts to getting knocked out cold, and see how he reacts traveling to the U.K., seeing how crazy the fans are, and just see how he comes back because he’s not getting no younger. He’s, what, 35, 36? Maybe older? Let’s see how he comes back.”

The current champion referred to his impressive resume in the UK saying, “It’ll be a totally different fight — I’ve said it, my coaches have said it. I’ve never lost in the U.K., amateur or pro, so I’m excited. I love fighting in front of my friends and my family, and yeah, I think it’s going to be a totally different fight. If he thinks he’s going in there and it’s going to be the same fight, he’s in for a rude awakening.”

If the Kamaru fight does not happen, the Leon can look for revenge against Jorge Masvidal for the previous backstage altercation they had. For now, it seems the trilogy may indeed happen.


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