“Get on your knees and beg and i may consider it” LEON EDWARDS responds to JORGE MASVIDAL’S invitation

Leon ‘Rocky’ Edward, the current UFC welterweight champion has given the MMA veteran, Jorge Masvidal a few conditions that he must meet in order to be given a shot at his welterweight title. 

“Rocky” has been trying to fight the Miami native for a long time, but he had to face other opponents. Since winning the 170lb championship, the Brit has had the advantage. While he wants revenge against the 37-year-old for the sucker punch he received three years ago, if the fight occurs, it will be on his terms. 

Leon had made no secret of his desire to finally settle the score with “Gamebred” before unseating the “Nigerian Nightmare,” and he even stated that he wanted Masvidal to be his first title defense.

But ever since he won the UFC gold, Edwards has made it clear that before giving Jorge Masvidal a shot at the belt, he wants to see him win at least one match. Those requests don’t seem unreasonable considering that “Gamebred” hasn’t triumphed in a bout since 2019 and is presently on a three-fight losing streak.

In a response on social media to Jorge Masvidal’s earlier comments, Leon Edwards told his division rival what he needs to do if he wants to have a chance at taking his throne:

“Refer to me as “Mr. Edwards” or “Sir” and get on your knees and beg [for a fight against me] and I may consider it.”

Could Jorge Masvidal face Leon Edwards for the welterweight belt next?

The fight between Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards has been largely regarded as one of the most anticipated fights in the 170lb division since their clash in London years ago.

Despite the fact that it was never finalized, now may be the greatest opportunity to capitalize on the rivalry and pair the two strikes together to resolve their disagreements. Not only are both boxers nearing the pinnacle of their stardom, but their plot also has a title connected, making things much more interesting.

While it appears that everything has fallen into place flawlessly, the UFC is likely to thrust Kamaru Usman right back into championship contention and give him the chance to reclaim the throne he held for three years. 

Masvidal may need to pick up one or two more victories before being considered for a title opportunity, after losing his last three fights convincingly.


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