Jorge Masvidal makes a demand to Dana White to enroll the kid immediately in UFC performance institute after he taught bully a lesson

Bullying is a very common issue in USA. The time passes and bullies in school keep growing. The middle and high school have been ruined by these bullies now days. It causes more and more good students to drop out from the public school. It’s really horrible to see so many students don’t care about getting even normal education and only go to school because it’s the laws and have no intention of learning.

But these bullies can be avoided if anyone teach them and show them that aren’t special of any kind and what are they doing is wrong.

That being said, a viral video was captured in a school in USA. The video shows a kid who is victim of the bully scenario, is standing up against the bully. Kids in the background are shouting as if they never were thought this go any wrong in a minute.

Here is the captured fight footage,

The fight started when the bully pushed the kid. Then kid made his fighting position and punched right into bully’s face. Though bully raised his arms and tried to go into defense mode but it didn’t worked.

Then the kid straight went for the kick and it landed again right into bully’s face. While the fight is going on, everyone in the background is shouting “Ohhh Nooo!!”, “Ohhhh s**t!!” The bully felt very uncomfortable as he thought he is the winner and that’s how he loses his balance, so kid successfully brings him to the ground also landing some quick punches on bully’s face.

Everyone in background is again shouting “Oh my god!” The bully tried to escape but the kid didn’t let him go. And then some other kids came to stop the fight.
And the at last bully get away with a shame. In opposite side, the kid is getting all the respect starting from his mates and now the great Gamebred himself recognized this and shared it on his Facebook page saying, “Get him into the #UFC Performance Institute ASAP!”
UFC is doing their best efforts to providing anti-bullying massage to all. Sometimes maybe it’s a fighter or sometimes the organization itself. In 2016, A report from LOCAL 12, where UFC fighter Tom Murphy encourages the students to stand up against bullies and help those who are weak. Here is the report from LOCAL 12,

Also UFC fighter Cisco Rivera came into public and opened about how he faced the bully situation in his school years. He also talks about finding your strength and staying focused in the face of bullying.

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