Latest on Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua: Frank Warren offers optimistic review on long-awaited undisputed heavyweight championship bout

Tyson Fury (30-0-1), ‘The Gypsy King’ is a successful boxer, the unbeaten heavyweight champion of the world has walked across the heavyweight division with an undefeated run of 27 fights before facing the maiden and only draw of his career against Deontay Wilder in 2018.

The future Hall of Famer set a deadline of Monday for Anthony Joshua, 33, heavyweight champion and the Contender for the BBC sports personality of the year to return the paperwork and make the fight official. The biggest fight in British boxing history has been scheduled  for December 3 at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff this year. 

The British professional boxer impatiently says that any hope of a Dec. 3 fight with Anthony Joshua has come and gone, as he publicly pulled the plug on negotiations when Joshua and Matchroom did not meet a 5 pm BST deadline on Monday, but that doesn’t necessarily and truly mean it’s all over.

The Gypsy King said: ‘I was optimistic about three weeks ago but it shouldn’t be taking this long to sign a contract. I’m not waiting around for some guy who has lost three of his last five fights.’

Despite his evident loss of patience, Warren himself has been making the rounds in the press and decided to leave some small glimmers of hope for the rest of the world. Everybody would like to watch Joshua fighting Fury but Tyson seems like the one who doesn’t want to fight. If he had a little more patience, he wouldn’t look like the one who refuses to fight.

Fury’s promoter Frank Warren told talkSPORT that the deal can get done despite Fury saying it’s off: “Tyson has told me what he wants. They’ve had the contract for 10 days and he’s lost patience with it. We’re trying to make it work and we had a good meeting today so we’ll see what happens. ..We’re not that far away from December 3. We’ve got to get it up on sale. The venue’s booked but there’s a lot of organization involved.”

Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn chimed in simply to agree, basically:

Fury could rather fight Mahmoud Charr, a German professional boxer and  in an event that is magnitudes smaller and would surely guarantee him a lot less money, hype, and attention, and indeed it is Charr that he’s focused on as the replacement.

However, the Joshua (24-3, 22 KO) fight is just so much exceptional, so much more money, and all this “it’s off!” stuff really just keeps the attention on it until Fury actually signs and announces something different, or Joshua does.

If we try to incorporate Tyson Fury’s mental state, he loves having complete control of the entire negotiation. At the moment, the Heavyweight champion is happy and living it up with his family with no need to get on the ring just like that. Both Warren and Hearn still want for negotiations to keep going but they will have to convince Tyson Fury to change his tune.


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