Lewis Hamilton aims top-three finish to curb Max Verstappen deficit in F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix following Australia podium celebration

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen’s rivalry has been one of the most exciting and closely watched battles in recent Formula 1 history. As drivers for Mercedes and Red Bull respectively. They have engaged in exciting and competitive on-track battles. With both drivers continually striving for victories and podium finishes. Their rivalry seems poised to have a significant impact on the future of the sport.

Lewis Hamilton
Nico Rosberg (L) and Lewis Hamilton (R)

After appearing on the podium at the Australian Grand Prix in the previous race. Hamilton is eager to compete for a top-three spot once again in Baku later this month. However, despite Mercedes’ attempts to narrow the gap in the last year and a half. The 38-year-old driver has faced a tumultuous start to the new season as they still trail behind Red Bull and other competitors.

Sir Lewis Hamilton & Alonso

Lewis Hamilton vs. Max Verstappen: A Fierce Rivalry Shaping F1’s Future

Despite some improvements, the Silver Arrows are still unable to compete for Grand Prix wins on their own merit. Red Bull has taken the checkered flag at every race so far in 2023. Leaving Mercedes to battle with Ferrari and Aston Martin for the title of the best of the rest. It remains to be seen how this competition will unfold over the course of the season.

Despite Verstappen’s dominant performance in recent weeks and months. Hamilton appears to hold out hope of reducing the gap between them. Mercedes Technical Director James Allison affirmed after the Australian Grand Prix that the team is slightly ahead of their other competitors in terms of car performance.

Max Verstappen

“We didn’t have huge breakthroughs but we moved forward a little bit,” Allison stated. “We put a small amount on the leaders Red Bull and we’re starting to get on terms with and maybe just nose a whisker in front of Ferrari and Aston Martin.”

Will Lewis Hamilton be able to fulfill his aim at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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