Max Verstappen caught on camera carrying out stepdad responsibilities playing kid’s games with model girlfriend’s daughter

Max Verstappen’s romance with Brazilian model Kelly Piquet is flourishing, and his bond with Piquet’s daughter, Penelope, has been nothing short of a fairytale.

Verstappen and “P,” as he affectionately calls her, have a close friendship. The Red Bull driver showers her with the same love and care as he would his own child, treating her like a little princess at just three years old.

Kelly Piquet recently revealed Verstappen’s elaborate plan for the trio before the season kicked off. It involved spending quality time as a family, watching sunsets, enjoying blue waters, and racing in high-speed karts.

Max Verstappen

Just a few weeks ago, Penelope went Go-Karting with the reigning double-world champion. But the world could use more heartwarming moments between the two.

Kelly’s latest update on their relationship involves a board game and some missing puzzle pieces, and it’s sure to melt your heart.

After a joyous week in Bahrain, during which the world was captivated by Max Verstappen’s affection for Penelope. Kelly took to her official Instagram account to share yet another heartwarming moment from their lives together.

Max Verstappen: Fatherly role has fans going wild

In a recent Instagram story, Max can be seen playing a puzzle game with Kelly’s daughter. The image they are assembling features cheerful animals, creating a delightful atmosphere.

Who is Kelly Piquet, Max Verstappen's girlfriend?

Additional puzzle pieces can be spotted scattered around, and the little girl. Dressed in pink pajamas, is seen either placing a piece back in its place or giving it to Max.

Verstappen is getting Penelope ready for the world of racing. With Kelly Piquet being the daughter of triple F1 champion Nelson Piquet and Penelope’s father being former Red Bull F1 driver Daniil Kvyat, motorsports run in their blood.

With a world champion as her closest companion. Penelope has the opportunity to experience things that few three-year-olds get to. Recently, Max took Penelope for laps around the Bahrain Circuit, accompanied by Kelly Piquet.

As the caption reads, “P’s first time in a go-kart.”

Max Verstappen

The heartwarming image of Max, Penelope, and Kelly flooded all social media platforms. Making them the picture-perfect family. Kelly Piquet’s Instagram comments were filled with adoring fans.

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