Who is Roberto Soldic? exploring inspiring figures behind Roberto Soldic’s MMA journey

Roberto Soldic is a 28-year-old Croatian Mixed Martial Artist who is currently competing in the middleweight division of One Championship. Robocop has earned a reputation for being one of the hardest-hitting strikers in the division. And is on the verge of becoming one of the biggest names in One Championship.

The Croatian fighter will make his return inside the octagon next month on May 5th against Zebaztian Kadestam at the Demetrious Johnson vs Adriano Moraes card. Speaking about Roberto Soldic, the Croatian fighter has a record of 20-3 in MMA. Moreover, Soldic has won five titles in different European MMA organizations. What’s more impressive is the fact that Soldic has won KSW titles in the welterweight as well as middleweight divisions.

As mentioned earlier, Robocop is undeniably one of the fiercest fighters in the world and his record of 17 wins via knockout speaks volumes about his power inside the octagon. Apart from fighting inside the octagon, Soldic has also tried his hand at boxing. Roberto Soldic has a record of 4-0 after making his debut in 2016. As we move ahead, let’s take a look at the childhood of Roberto Soldic.

What struggles did Roberto Soldic face growing up?

One Championship Middleweight contender Roberto Soldic didn’t have the easiest of times growing up. Robocop was born to Croatian parents in Bosnia on 25th January 1995. More importantly, Soldic was born when Bosnia and Croatia went to war against Serbia during the break up of Yugoslavia.

He explained in one of the interviews how it was tough for him and his family to live during the war and how his financial conditions were not good.

“Okay, so I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1995. 1992 to 1995 was the war in Bosnia. So I was born almost as the war was finished, but I was born in war. Like every war, it was a very hard, very tough life and a very poor situation. Industry goes down. My family, thank God, they live still. My father was on the front line. I watched the videos, all the things were very hard.”

The former KSW champion also had to face tough times during his childhood days as there weren’t gyms with good facilities for him to train in MMA. As a result, the Croatian fighter had to move a lot during his early years. However, Roberto Soldic has overcome all those struggles and is on the path to becoming a great fighter. 

List of Roberto Soldic’s inspiring figures

Former KSW champion Roberto Soldic now aspires to make his mark in the One Championship MMA organization and will look to get into the welterweight title mix with a win in his next fight. Ahead of his highly anticipated matchup at One Fight Night, the Croatian welterweight sat down for an interview with MMA Sucka.

Roberto Soldic

While having a conversation, Roberto Soldic said what it was like to compete in the European scene and also revealed his inspiration behind competing in combat sports.

“That was exciting. Even kickboxing. Guys like Ernesto Hoost, [Xhavit] Bajrami, [Alistair] Overeem, so many guys, man. It was really exciting. I was small but I followed these guys. Even Stefan Leko, he’s also in Germany and I saw him a couple of times. He’s a good friend too. Those were my heroes when I was a kid.”

To sum up, Soldic credited prominent fighters such as Ernesto Hoost, Xhavit Bajrami, Alistair Overeem, and Stefan Leko, whom he saw as his inspiration to pursue a career in combat sports.


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