Lewis Hamilton reflects McLaren’s career significance despite eight F1 titles with Mercedes claiming “it’s like an old home for me”

Lewis Hamilton began his Formula One career with McLaren in 2007, and he rapidly achieved success by finishing as the runner-up in the Drivers’ Championship. The subsequent year, the 38 years old clinched the championship. Making him the youngest-ever world champion at that point.

The success of Hamilton’s early career hinged significantly on his association with McLaren. Who presented him with an opportunity to demonstrate his abilities and improve his expertise. McLaren’s backing enabled Hamilton to gain recognition in the sport. Resulting in widespread popularity and respect from fans and other teams.

Lewis Hamilton

Following his triumph in the Formula 1 championship with McLaren in 2008, Lewis made a surprising decision to join Mercedes for the 2013 season. Despite the team’s recent lack of dominance, Hamilton opted for the Silver Arrows, a move that caught many off guard.

Lewis parted ways with McLaren for various reasons. Among the key factors was his yearning for a new challenge and a different setting. Hamilton had been affiliated with McLaren since his debut in Formula One in 2007, and after six seasons, he believed it was necessary to seek out a fresh team and atmosphere.

The performance of the McLaren vehicle in the 2012 season was another element that played a role in the separation. Despite Hamilton’s abilities, the team experienced issues with consistency and dependability, which impeded his prospects of clinching the championship.


Lewis Hamilton on Taking Risks and Chasing Success: Trusting his Gut

In retrospect, Hamilton’s decision to join Mercedes before the start of the turbo-hybrid era in 2014 was a stroke of genius, as the team executed everything flawlessly. Hamilton found himself in the perfect position to capitalize on this, securing six drivers’ championships, 82 victories, and an impressive 77 pole positions.

Looking back at his decision to switch to Mercedes ten years ago, Hamilton reflected by stating:

“Did it feel like a risk? Of course! When you make decisions, you go through changes and it’s always going to be a risk. But I would feel like I’m not living if I’m not taking risks, not constantly challenging myself and those around me. It was the inevitable direction I had to go, and it felt right. It was a feeling that I had; I wanted something new.”

He added: “I was excited to work with new people and enter a team that had struggled. Taking everything that I had learned and seeing if I could apply it somewhere else. I was excited by the plans I had heard were being put in place to scale up the team and going all in to become champions. I went with what I felt in my gut and in my heart. It led me to this amazing team and this incredible journey we are on.”

Despite his incredible success, Hamilton has not forgotten his roots, and he continues to have a lot of love for the team that gave him his first championship, McLaren. Lewis acknowledges their crucial role in his development as a driver. Despite his success with Mercedes, McLaren holds a special place in his heart.

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