“When you’ve got the car that can deliver and can win races, he’s the one taking his opportunities” McLaren driver Lando Norris reasons what made Max Verstappen serious title contender

McLaren’s homegrown racer Lando Norris, 22, has been driving for the Surrey-based team since the 2019 season alongside super drivers like Daniel Ricciardo and others, which recently made him the senior member after the introduction of Pierre Gasly following the departure of the Australian.

This promotion, however, did not have any impact on the mindset of Norris as he continued to search for the ultimate title-hungry attitude, which he recently made public by commenting on Max Verstappen.

Why did Lando Norris praise the F1 cars of his opponent?

As Lando Norris gets closer to Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, the likelihood of him ever driving for Mercedes seems to be getting further and farther away from being a reality. Norris, who is 22 years old, has been touted for a long time to become a potential star in the sport. It is generally anticipated that Norris would compete for F1 crowns later on in his career.

Despite the speculations and mere calculations, the prospect of this British driver can be seen from his own thoughts on Verstappen’s glory when he said, “He’s done amazing, very impressive of course. Similar to Lewis in previous years. When you’ve got the car that can deliver and can win races, he’s the one taking his opportunities.”

Some people these days assume that Norris retains a ‘Hamilton-Rosberg’ type relationship with Verstappen. However, the reality proves the opposite, as the British lad never gets tired of praising the Dutchman whenever he finds the opportunity. Furthermore, his desire for splendor helps him to compete with his rivals for future opportunities.

It is safe to conclude that Lando Norris has a promising career ahead of him in Formula One and the gifted British driver is one of the most interesting young possibilities currently competing on the circuit. In addition, he discussed Max Verstappen and how “easy” his season has been for the Dutchman in a conversation with a media giant.

During that conversation, Norris revealed some amazing facts about Verstappen to the interviewer by quoting, “Quite easy, he’s done a pretty good job. His season has been easy, yeah, he should maybe have a go back in our car and see what it’s like.”

In jest, the British sensation jokingly dared Checo’s teammate Max Verstappen to drive a McLaren to the same level of domination as the competition this season has been thoroughly swept aside by Red Bull Racing team and the Dutchman.


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