Logan Paul and his podcast co-host George Janko’s cryptic tweet and unfollowing of the WWE star sparks beef speculations

The world of combat sports and WWE have nothing on the brewing beef between Logan Paul and his Impaulsive co-hosts. Rumors have been circulating since George Janko posted a cryptic tweet and unfollowed Logan and Mike Majlak on Instagram, leaving fans to wonder what’s going on behind the scenes.

For years, Logan Paul and Mike Majlak have been the dynamic duo behind the popular Impaulsive podcast, with George Janko joining in on the fun. But things took a sour turn when Logan attacked George’s religion during a recent podcast episode, causing a clash among fans.

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The Mystery Deepens: George Janko’s Cryptic Tweet and Unfollowing of Logan Paul and Mike Majlak Sparks Fan Speculations

Despite Logan’s claim that George hasn’t left the show entirely, the cryptic tweet and unfollowing seem to suggest otherwise. George’s tweet on April 25th, “I wasn’t going to talk but now I am,” has left fans speculating about what could have happened between the trio.

Fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts about the cryptic tweet, with many wondering if George is going to reveal what’s going on between him and his Impaulsive co-hosts.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to verify George’s Twitter following, but it has been confirmed that he’s no longer following Logan and Mike on Instagram.

You probably have noticed if you’ve been listening to the podcast that George hasn’t been on many recent episodes. Fans continue to speculate that something has happened between the co-hosts, despite his declaration in January that he hasn’t left the show.

Impaulsive Podcast Drama: A WWE-Style Showdown Between Paul, Majlak, and Janko

Only time shall tell what’s actually going on behind the scenes of Impaulsive. But one thing’s for sure – this beef has all the makings of a WWE-style showdown. In conclusion, the Impaulsive podcast drama between Logan Paul, Mike Majlak, and George Janko has sparked some serious beef speculations among fans.

It’s difficult to guess what’s really going on behind the scenes in light of Janko’s cryptic statement and the unfollowing of Logan and Mike on Instagram.

The three YouTube personalities appear to be engaged in a wrestling-style brawl as punches are being thrown left and right as the scenario develops. It remains to be seen whether they can patch things up and resume producing material together. It seems like the drama taking place in the YouTube community is nothing compared to what happens in the wrestling ring.

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