“Guys mad as fuck love it!”: Fans stunned as Oleksandr Usyk comes back to Ukraine to launch missiles with soldiers

Oleksandr Usyk is now spending his free time in Ukraine after his much-anticipated super fight with Tyson Fury got canceled. However, a recent video of Usyk made for Tiktok has gone viral on the internet, and the heavyweight boxer is facing harsh criticism for his actions.

During his trip to Ukraine, the Cat paid a visit to the devoted soldiers who are protecting the country from Russian attack. The visit is seen in a controversial video, as Usyk, who appears to be in a quite happy mood, assists his soldiers in launching a mortar. 


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How did fans respond to the Oleksandr Usyk missile launch video on Tiktok? 

Ryan Allan doesn’t understand how Ukrainian soldiers got the time and mood to upload a video on Tiktok as he said, “This just doesn’t sit right for so many reasons. Not least the smiles of men firing weapons designed to kill. Or are we supposed to cheer because they are firing at Russians? Also, I find it hard to believe that the boys at Normandy would have had time to upload videos to Tiktok, had the technology been available in those days.”

” Man goes back to Ukraine for photo ops then fucks off again…..embarrassing! i’m sure in a few more months he’ll come back and pick up his AK again and claim he’ll defend his homeland then a day later leave again.” Corey said. 

“This is a publicity stunt when your country is apparently being bombed by Russia you don’t have time to smile and take videos for the internet.” another user said. 

Michael Diaz mocked Usyk by saying,” Oh wow war seems so cruel that buddy even had time to film a tiktok with his pals. ”

According to Sam, the whole video is for nothing but spreading propaganda as he said,” Weird how normalized propaganda got on both sides of the political coin. I remember learning how deceitful the nazi German government was in creating anti-Jew propaganda posters and movies.” 

Adnan Hussain made a strong point when he said, “Imagine a Muslim sportsman did the same.. you’d all be outraged. Where is the consistency?!” 

“That’s a mortar. N he’s clearly nowhere near the front line or they certainly wouldn’t be doing fucking tiktoks so confidently lmao as they only have a range of about 4 mile lol,” said Tom Hewitt. 


Two Tone Tony expressed his hatred for Ukraine by saying, “Like Uysk. Hate Ukraine. A extremely corrupt and racist country. Who now illegally has multiple nations helping them. From the United States to the UK with their soldiers on the ground. I hope Putin levels that shit hole.” 

“The thing is with this is it ain’t a media sketch or a place for tik toks and instagram.. thee country’s turning into a ruble pile and they wanna laugh and joke about firing missiles around in a place of war. Embarrassing. Even more embarrassing for the countries funding it.”  Connor Deadman commented.

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