Logan Paul confronted over not yet agreed to face UFC star Paddy Pimblet in MMA on Australian radio show

Logan Paul is not a beloved name in the combat sports world. While his brother Jake may have fought his way to finally getting some recognition should he manage to defeat Tommy Fury, the only things the older Paul brother seems to be attaching to his name are scandals, controversy, and potential legal trouble.

During an interview in the Kyle and Jackie O show on KIIS 1065, one of the listeners decided to confront ‘Maverick’ about his fight against Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblet. Logan and Paddy have had issues with each other for a good while now with Paul going as far as insulting Pimblett after signing a partnership with the UFC.

A person asked during a call at the show, “I just want to know when are you going to actually fight Paddy ‘The Baddy’? Because you’ve been talking about it for a long time and he’s called you out and you still have done nothing about it.”

Logan did not avoid answering the question, “Listen, I respect you and and I respect the question. I think it’s actually the opposite, I think Paddy’s done nothing about it. I’ve been trying to fight him for a while, the issue is that he’s locked up in his UFC contract so to get him to come out of that and go box me would be an issue.”

He also added, “I would happily go to the UFC but we’re in different weight classes. If he’s willing to come up to my weight class in the UFC I’d be more than happy to beat the s*** out of Paddy ‘The Baddy’.”

Will Logan Paul actually fight Paddy Pimblett?

Logan so far has only 3 fights in his boxing career. Two of his fights took place against current business partner KSI and none really went in Paul’s favor. The first fight ended in a draw and the second fight saw KSI winning via split decision. The match against Floyd Mayweather didn’t really have a result but Logan did survive all 8 rounds.

Paddy has not been having the best time inside the Octagon either. He went to his fight against Jared ‘Flash’ Gordon with a lot of hype but the fight ended with an extremely controversial win for the Brit as most fans thought Jared was the clear winner. Paddy tried to act out the victory which made fans even angrier.

With both fighters seemingly demoralized and disgraced, who do you think would win?


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