Logan Paul preparing for bout vs John Cena after Roman Reigns, rumor or real?

Logan Paul’s stunning performance at Crown Jewel has everyone talking. John Cena issued a cryptic comment after Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, indicating that he wants to confront the YouTube sensation. Fans are already going crazy about the prospective WrestleMania 39 matchup, even though it hasn’t been officially announced yet.

Logan Paul has made significant progress in recent years. In just the third wrestling match of his career, he managed to give Roman Reigns a run for his money. The statement was clear for The Maverick at Crown Jewel: he belongs to the ring. However, there are many places where he definitely can improve, but he has the potential to be one of the best, like those who came before him. 

When talking about one of the best in wrestling, the first name that comes to everyone’s mind is John Cena. He is undoubtedly one of the legends who carried the industry for more or less than 15 years. The Cenation Leader usually made a big entrance at WrestleMania, but his legacy is still up in the air. Thus recently, after the Crown Jewel’s main event, Logan vs. Roman’s fight, he posted a photo of the YouTuber-turned-wrestler on his Instagram. Perhaps he’s dropping hints that he’d want to wrestle the up-and-coming WWE star.

John Cena Vs. Logan Paul at WrestleMania 39, rumor or real?

The 27-year-old discussed his anticipation for and thoughts on the upcoming fight on the most recent episode of the Impulsive podcast. He stated that he saw the WWE legend’s Instagram post, liked it, and commented with the heart eyes emoji. Later, he stated on the show that a fight against The Prototype is like a dream come true, as he idolized him while growing up. However, there’s still an official announcement to be made for the matchup for WrestleMania 39; the social media persona personally called Triple H, who’s currently in charge of the content for WWE.

He also later gave a few background reasons for why this fight could be the biggest wrestling fight at the most significant event in wrestling. Such as how it adds up to a lot of financial value from both perspectives. Even though all the statements from both fighters and the company make it seem like the fight might take place, till the official announcement for WrestleMania is made, nothing can be said for sure.


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