“Shaq’s never paid me” Charles Barkley exposes Shaquille O’Neal lost a bet but never settled up

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most wealthy NBA greats in history. This veteran has a record of extravagant expenses for his lavish life. But, a former basketball player claimed that Shaq didn’t keep his promises.

It’s been about two weeks since the humorous and expensive wager between Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley. Shaq put Barkley to the test on the spelling of a term on an episode of “Inside the NBA” on TNT. The event sparked the idea for a new regular feature on their episode: a spelling bee. Despite beating Shaq’s challenge, Chuck has yet to get the reward that was first promised to him.

The night’s doubleheader, as reported by Charles Barkley, was “Spectacular.” The Big Diesel gave him an instant command to spell the term. Although the other panelists were confident that Chuck might spell it, Shaq was certain that he couldn’t. This convinced him enough that he wagered $10,000 upon that.

Barkley’s inter-letter chuckles were shared by the rest of the NBA universe. Charles, it is worth noting had to type down each letter to be sure he spelled it correctly.

Later, Barkley said that the hulking beast owed him more money, saying: “Shaq’s never paid me.” Later, Barkley, Shaq, and Kenny Smith participated in a spelling bee in the program.

The career of Shaquille O’Neal is impressive. He owns a company and invests money, and he often does interviews on TV and radio. It’s estimated that he’s worth about $400 million. After hanging up his basketball shoes, he now makes the most of his money via endorsement deals, property sales, and merchandising.

The pair is well-known for their frequent and hilarious mutual mocking. If the Pelicans finished ahead of the Lakers in the standings, Barkley once offered Shaq a steak supper as a wager. 

In spite of their success, the pair manages to keep people laughing. It will be fascinating to watch how they do in the new spelling bee competition. Indeed, there will be more comedic relief.


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