Piers Morgan reveals Ronaldo’s bombshell interview contains thrilling Messi debate certain to make huge headlines

The soccer maestro Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview with Piers Morgan has shaken the soccer world, despite the fact that the FIFA World Cup 2022 will start on November 20. A series of unpleasant truths were revealed by the five-time Ballon d’Or winner. 

In the first clip of that interview, Ronaldo accused the club owner of not taking good care of the club and indicated that there is a lack of sufficient investment for the club to grow and that, as a result, the club is not performing accordingly. 

CR7 also revealed that he has a lack of respect for the current manager Erik Ten Hag, and the Portuguese captain does not regard the former coach Ralf Ragnik as a manager, as they both didn’t show proper respect for Ronaldo during their tenures.

In the first part of the interview, which was released yesterday, Ronaldo spoke about his transfer from Juventus last summer, where he had the option of joining clubs other than Manchester United. In fact, CR7 was close to joining rival Manchester City, but due to Sir Alex Ferguson’s intervention, Ronaldo opted to join United. 

The last and second parts of the interview are yet to be released and are supposed to go live tomorrow. Fans were excited about the discussions because of these shocking revelations. Some curious fans asked Piers Morgan if, at any point in the interview, Ronaldo spoke about Messi or not. In addition to confirming the issue on Twitter, Morgan stated that Ronaldo’s admission about Messi would receive extensive media coverage.

“Lots of people asking if Ronaldo talks about Messi in my interview.. oh yes, and what he says will make huge headlines.”

Between all this chaos, the main accused party, the management of Manchester United, has remained silent as they are waiting for the full interview. After that, they might release an official statement, but one thing is clear: the club will not back the soccer magician, who is currently busy with his national team preparing for the upcoming World Cup.

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