‘‘Main Event” Sterling’’: UFC star Aljamain Sterling suggests new nickname to his fans

In light of his recent UFC success, Aljamain Sterling has given himself a new moniker. In his most recent tweet, the reigning bantamweight champion referred to himself as the “Main Event”.

Aljamain has undoubtedly established himself as one of the top bantamweight fighters in the promotion after three consecutive title defenses. The current 135-pound king now believes he needs a new moniker. 

The New Yorker in his recent tweet revealed his new nickname by writing, “Maybe I should change my nickname – Aljamain ‘Main’ Sterling. Or ‘Main Event’ Sterling.” 

Aljamain Sterling’s next fight?

In Boston’s TD Garden, Sterling will take on Sean O’Malley on Saturday, August 19, 2023, as per Dana White’s announcement. In the main event of UFC 292. Sterling, the current champion, will take on the task of defending his title for the fourth time.

However, there has already been a lot of controversy around the upcoming UFC bantamweight title fight. Aljamain initially hesitated to accept the bout with Sugar, claiming he won’t be physically fully fit to fight on such short notice. 

Dana White’s declaration that the fight will still take place in due course, regardless of what caused Aljo to revise his story. Later, Sterling stated that he wants Sean to be in peak physical condition before facing him so that Sugar won’t have any excuses if he loses.

What are Aljamain Sterling’s other nicknames in UFC?

Throughout his decade-long MMA career, Aljamain had several nicknames. The one that got massively popular among mixed martial arts fans is The Funk Master. Due to his unorthodox wrestling style, he had a unique reputation that made people call him ‘Funky’. 

Later, from ‘Funky’ Sterling came up with the Funk Master moniker as it was much more unique. Other than that, he used to go by the nicknames ‘The Human Anaconda’ and ‘The Human Jansport’ as well.

What is your favorite nickname for Aljamain Sterling? Share your favorite one with us in the comment section. 

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