Max Verstappen brushes off crowd’s Red Bull booing with hilarious remark after winning F1 Miami Grand Prix

Max Verstappen and the Red Bull team faced a barrage of abuse from the crowd during the Miami GP. Boos and obscene gestures were directed toward the driver and his team members, creating a hostile atmosphere. The mistreatment began even before the race commenced when a fan near the starting grid hurled abuses at Verstappen and his crew. While Verstappen brushed off the troll’s comments, the mechanics responded with a more amicable approach.

Max Verstappen

Calum Nicholas, Red Bull’s senior technician, shed light on the incident through a tweet, revealing that the gestures and abuse persisted for a disheartening 15 minutes. However, he emphasized the team’s decision to counteract the negativity with kindness, believing that emerging victorious would provide a more satisfying response. Nicholas expressed satisfaction that the attention-seeking individual received the spotlight she so desperately craved.

Red Bull, maintaining their professionalism, responded to the trolls in a remarkable manner by dominating the race. Verstappen let his performance on the track do the talking, starting from the ninth position and eventually claiming victory by crossing the finish line. Accompanying him on the podium was his teammate Sergio Perez, securing a fantastic 1-2 finish for the team.

F1 Grand Prix of Miami

Formula 1 usually takes a firm stance against abuse, whether it occurs during events or on social media platforms. The regulations explicitly state that fans attending the races must respect the drivers, team members, and fellow spectators to ensure the smooth running of the Grand Prix.

Verstappen and Red Bull Triumph Over Abuse and Secure Victory at Miami GP

Despite the success he achieved, Max Verstappen faced a chorus of boos from a section of fans in the grandstands during the pre-race intro and on the podium. However, the two-time world champion remains unfazed by such reactions from the crowd, considering them a sign of his winning prowess. Verstappen suggested that no one would sneer at the person driving at the back of the pack, highlighting the normalcy of being disliked when leading the race.

Max Verstappen

Verstappen expressed his contentment with the situation, emphasizing that standing on the top step of the podium and claiming the trophy were his primary concerns. He dismissed the negativity, asserting that while he enjoys his victory, the dissenting fans return home for the evening.

By triumphing at the Miami GP, Max Verstappen equaled the impressive record of 38 victories set by former Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel. During Vettel’s dominant period in the early 2010s, he also faced boos at several races, presumably due to his exceptional speed.

Despite the abuse faced by Verstappen and the Red Bull team in Miami, their triumph on the track spoke louder than any derogatory words or gestures. Their professional response and focus on victory demonstrated their ability to rise above the negativity and continue to excel in the sport.


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