Max Verstappen’s 33rd pole position in Bahrain GP 2024 draws similar remarks from F1 fans: “Nothing has changed”

Following the 2024 Formula 1 season’s pre-season testing at Bahrain, Max Verstappen–reigning World Champion–topped the D1 testing table, failing to do so in the other days. This ‘non-topping’ performance was carried onto the free practice sessions as well.

However, Max Verstappen is back at the top spot after the qualifying rounds of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen completes his 33rd pole position at Bahrain GP 2024

Max Verstappen–the Red Bull’s Flying Dutchman–has started the 2024 Formula 1 season from the same spot as he left last season: driving away in the ‘absolute monster’ RB20 with a pole position in the qualifying rounds of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen–who only topped pre-season testing’s D1 this season–was falling short to the Ferrari duos, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr., during Q1 and Q2. The 3x Dutch World Champion finished Q1 in 2nd spot (behind Sainz) with 1m 30s time, and Q2 again in 2nd (behind Leclerc) with 1m 29.4s time.

However, Verstappen pulled off his biggest magic when it mattered the most, as he took the pole in Q3 with a ‘table-topping’ 1min 29.179s time- 0.228s quicker than closest rival, Charles Leclerc.

During the post-qualifying interview, he reflected on his Q1 and Q2 struggles and stated, “The track had a lot of grip, but with the wind, it’s been tricky to get the whole lap together.” Expressing his satisfaction with winning the pole, he concluded by saying, “Q3 was difficult, but I’m happy to be on pole. To be honest, it was a little unexpected, but in qualifying, the car came to us.”

After clinching away his 33rd pole position, Verstappen will start the Bahrain Grand Prix as a clear favorite, and hopefully live up to the fans’ expectations of winning a fourth straight Championship.

F1 fans react to Max Verstappen’s Bahrain pole position

Following Max Verstappen clinching away his 33rd pole position in Bahrain, the F1 community soon flickered away their hopes of seeing a new World Champion this season. The Formula 1 fans took to social media to express their emotions over Verstappen’s ‘as usual, as expected’ performance.

One F1 fan, replying to F1’s post on X (formerly Twitter), wrote, “Nothing has changed in these 3 months”- backed by a crying picture.

Expecting Verstappen’s continued dominance this season as well, another X-user commented with the caption : “End the season, already.”

Singing the same tune, another fan emphasized on the same, and commented, “New season, same results.”

One F1 fan went a bit too far, and mentioned that Verstappen is ‘sandbagging’ by driving with only 2-percent of the RB20’s top speed.

Whether Max Verstappen can grab the same results or not, will be determined today at the Bahrain Grand Prix, where he’ll rev the RB20’s engine from the forefront of the grid.

Can Max Verstappen really kick off the new season winning the Bahrain GP today? Are the fans right about Verstappen already winning the 2024 F1 season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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