Mercedes Lewis Hamilton discusses changes needed to be done to defeat F1 rival Red Bull: “More downforce on the car”

A true champion takes no rest days and focuses on constant improvements. Similarly, Lewis Hamilton is in a constant grind to get back to his winning days and has suggestions on optimising the silver arrows’ car. 

The German side had recently abandoned their side pod design which proved to be effective. Since they are bringing in new updates in the coming month, suggestions raised by Lewis Hamilton might turn out to be efficient. 

What changes did Lewis Hamilton suggest?

After bringing a significant upgrade package of the racing season to Monaco, Lewis Hamilton and his team have experienced a return to form in recent races. Since then, Hamilton has won second place in Spain and third in Montreal.

When asked what changes he would suggest, Lewis Responded, “In truth, it doesn’t feel a huge difference to the beginning of the year. There are some elements of the car which do feel different, obviously with the upgrade, but it’s simply just having a little bit more downforce on the car.

Mercedes Gives Up, Gives Its F1 Car Sidepods
Mercedes abandons side pods

But the car’s characteristics are very, very similar to what we had earlier in the year, and so we need to – for the future, for next year’s car – you need to take a lot of these different things off and change them for sure. It’s definitely not the car, characteristic-wise, that’s going to be able to beat Red Bull just yet. And so, we’ve got to work on that.” 

Can Mercedes break Red Bull’s domination?

Mercedes is currently second in the constructor’s leaderboard standings trailing Red Bull by a whopping 167 points. When asked about how Red Bull has pulled away from the pack and would it be frustrating for the seven-time world champion, he responded,

It’s not easy with the regulations to find the amount of performance they have, advantage-wise. They’ve got to be 30 points upon us in certain points through the lap, and we’ve got some work to do. But it’s not that it’s frustrating, I’m happy to be back in the mix first.

At this stage, Lewis Hamilton is only hoping to work on the car and focus on reviving the racing dragon in him to achieve a title fight like that was seen during 2021 between him and Max Verstappen. 

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Lewis Hamilton understands catching Mad Max this season would be a tremendously hard job hence he is focusing on bringing a car that can compete with RB19 in the coming season of 2024. 


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