Michael Chandler confident to face Conor McGregor within the next six months: “I’m gonna go out and knock him out”

Amidst the uncertainty surrounding Conor McGregor and his anticipated return to the octagon, Michael Chandler has provided an encouraging update that is likely to excite fans.

The two fighters have been engaged in discussions about a potential matchup, particularly as coaches on The Ultimate Fighter, but the reported fight appeared to be in jeopardy. However, there is new hope on the horizon.

‘Iron’ Chandler has consistently pushed boundaries and left a lasting impression since joining the promotion. While his achievements have been impressive, he feels his journey in the sport will not be complete until he secures a championship belt around his waist.

Michael Chandler expects to fight Conor McGregor in six months

As a former Bellator lightweight champion, the determined wrestler has expressed his desire to test himself against the best fighters in the world and eventually become a UFC titleholder.

During a conversation with Daniel Cormier, Michael shed some light on the ongoing negotiations with McGregor’s team, revealing that the highly anticipated fight is still on track to take place within the next six months.[tps_footer][/tps_footer]

“I’ll knock out Conor in the first two rounds,” said Michael 

However, Conor’s involvement remains uncertain due to the serious allegations he currently faces. While no substantial evidence has been presented, a woman has come forward claiming to have been sexually assaulted by the renowned UFC star and is seeking a financial settlement to address the matter.

It is important to note that the allegations against McGregor are yet to be proven, and the legal process is still ongoing.

The outcome of these proceedings will likely have a significant impact on Conor’s future participation in the sport and any potential fights, including the one with Michael.

Conor McGregor’s USADA test absence cast doubt on the 2023 Michael Chandler clash


Earlier this year, McGregor and Michael joined forces as coaches on The Ultimate Fighter, the popular reality show that is currently airing. The anticipation was high for their eventual face-off, set to take place in August when the season concludes.

However, McGregor’s highly anticipated comeback as the ‘Mystic Mac’ has hit a roadblock, leading to a delay until 2024.

The reason behind this delay stems from his ongoing dispute with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), the UFC’s drug testing team. McGregor’s requirement to undergo six months of random testing before returning to competition has pushed his comeback timeline further.

Currently, Conor has not re-entered the USADA testing pool, and his recent failure to meet the cutoff point for 2023 has put his fight with Chandler in jeopardy.

UFC President Dana White, who recently expressed concerns about McGregor’s fighting future, stated during an interview with Barstool Sports that if Conor is unable to compete in UFC 296, his return is likely to take place in the first quarter of 2024.

While fans eagerly await McGregor’s return to the octagon, it seems that the unresolved issues with USADA and the mandatory testing period have pushed back his anticipated fight against Michael.

Only time will tell when the charismatic Irishman will make his highly anticipated comeback to the UFC.

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