Michael Trizano triumphs by TKO over Seung Woo Choi, after surviving near-double knockout

Undefeated Lightweight Tournament Winner Michael Trizano overcomes two knockdowns to win the match after trading left hooks with the former featherweight champion Seung Woo Choi during the chaotic one-round fight at UFC 281. 

Trizano and Choi exchanged massive blows just 20 seconds into the UFC pay-per-view prelim, and both dropped to their backsides before rising up their feet.

Not long after, Trizano fell to the ground for the second time after eating a hard right hand, but he swiftly rose to his feet.

Despite being dropped twice in the first round, the Ultimate Fight 27 winner continued to slug it out and began to find success as the first round progressed.

However, he was forced to withstand many massive blows from Choi before being knocked out by another left hook from Trizano.


Trizano brilliantly followed up and ended Choi, who came into the fight as a huge betting favorite against a man who had lost three of his previous four UFC fights.

However, Trizano clearly had the upper hand in terms of strength as he managed to floor Choi one last time to force the referee to intervene at the 4:51 mark of Round 1.

Despite the sensational victory, Trizano will not receive a fight-night bonus since he failed to make weight for the featherweight bout, which took place at Madison Square Garden.


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