UFC 281: Carlos Ulberg kicks off with a bang, demolishes Nicolae Negumereanu with devastating KO

At UFC 281, Carlos Ulberg opens things with a bang, demolishing Nicolae Negumereanu with a devastating Knockout.

The annual UFC 281 event at New York’s Madison Square Garden typically generates a lot of buzz since Carlos Ulberg worked diligently to ensure the event got off on the right foot.

Former professional kickboxer Ulberg entered the bout on a two-fight winning streak, including a 75-second KO in his last fight, after losing his UFC debut despite winning the ‘Fight of the Night’ title.

The black Jag hoped to get the New Zealand-based camp off to a fast start in preparation for his three teammates’ fights, but getting past Negumereanu would be no easy task.

Nicolae Negumereanu is a well-rounded Romanian MMA fighter with a chin and cardio for days. Owing to these characteristics, he has won his last four battles.

Two aggressive, fast-paced men who spend most of their time on their feet seemed sure to kick the night off with a banger.

Nicolae Negumereanu (13-2) was knocked out by the New Zealander in the first round of UFC 281, hitting him behind the ear with a left punch to send him tumbling to the mat. Ulberg (6-1) continued by landing two more powerful blows to bring the fight to an end.

Negumereanu took the lead early on as the light heavyweight pair tested each other with leg kicks, but Ulberg landed the better of those by far. Ulberg circled the cage early on, and Negumereanu mocked him for it. The reason for this became apparent as soon as Nicolae was unable to track down his opponent and cut the cage to corner him.


Negumereanu was getting frustrated as Ulberg threw a lead hook off the jab, dropping him as he jumped forward right into those punches.

The Romanian attempted to regain his balance, but subsequent hits from Carlos Ulberg knocked him down face-first on the mat, and it took about a minute for the medical staff to bring him up and onto the stool. Ulberg had demolished a man in a single round with a handful of well-timed strikes, earning him his most significant victory to date.

The KO was so violent, in fact, that Joe Rogan and Daniel Cormier claimed Negumereanu was having difficulty sitting on his stool afterward.


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