Mike Tyson surprises UFC boss Dana White with hilarious rap mix-up in ‘hotboxin’ podcast

Mike Tyson is one of the scariest human beings on the planet. Dealing with dangerous people is what Dana White does for a living. So it is not surprising that Dana White and Mike Tyson are friends.

White recently made an appearance on Mike Tyson’s podcast, ‘Hotboxin with Mike Tyson.’ White and Tyson discussed a wide range of topics, both formal and informal. Interestingly enough, White even talked about his extensive knowledge of rap music.

Tyson surprises Dana White with rap song

In the podcast, the UFC president and the former boxing champion engaged in a wonderful conversation. Their initial discussion naturally revolved around the world of combat sports. Gradually, the conversation shifted to rap music.

White candidly expressed his passion for rap. In response, Tyson playfully broke into a rendition of a classic rock anthem by Bon Jovi, subtly teasing White about his musical taste. The exchange was infused with humor and underscored how their connection extended beyond the realm of combat sports.

Dana White

Mike Tyson is renowned for his steadfast support of fighters, frequently extending invitations to these athletes to appear on his podcast. This platform allows fans to gain an intimate insight into the lives and personalities of these combat sports stars. It was a delightful and unusual treat for fans of both Tyson and White. The podcast episode offers a glimpse into the personalities of the former heavyweight champion and the current CEO of the UFC.

Dana White makes special guest appearance on Mike Tyson’s podcast

‘Hotboxin with Mike Tyson’ is one of the successful ventures of Mike Tyson. The podcast features people from all sections of the society. DJ Whoo Kid is the current co-host of the podcast. Dana White was one of the recent guests of the podcast.

Dana White was one of the recent guests on the podcast. White is one of Mike Tyson’s good friends. However, White famously refused to advertise the unauthorized mini-series about Mike Tyson, as it was done without Tyson’s knowledge. “Iron” Mike was not a fan of the series, which depicted him in a bad light.

Dana White

White is a frequent visitor of podcasts done by his friends. He has done podcast interviews with the likes of Nelk Boys, Pivot Podcast, and My Mom’s Basement with Robbie Fox to name a few. Tyson is currently coaching Francis Ngannou for his upcoming boxing bout.

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