Months after controversial WNBA take, Enes Freedom draws fans ire with recent “soft” comments

Enes Freedom’s controversial attitude remains unchanged, despite claiming that he’s been blackballed by the NBA in the past for controversial comments he made against the activities of the Chinese Government. His controversial attitude is once again making headlines following several weeks of claiming that he could dominate the WNBA if he transitioned to female and also changed his name.

The big power forward, who last played for the Boston Celtics, recently made this comparison in an interview, where he referred to the younger generation of players as ‘soft,’ sparking controversy and drawing reactions from several NBA fans.

Enes Freedom labels modern-day NBA players “soft”

The controversial Boston Celtics player has not appeared on the court for several months, which he referred to as ‘Blackballing,’ as the NBA took issue with the comments he made against the Government of China. Recently, he was asked to share his thoughts on the measures the NBA governing body has taken to address the issue of teams abusing the load management strategy, which has become a trending and controversial topic of discussion.


Enes Freedom expressed his view that the younger generation of basketball players is becoming too soft in an interview with Pete Hegseth on ‘Fox & Friends.’ He stated, ‘This new generation of players, I think, is becoming too soft. Almost every star player is taking days, and sometimes weeks, off. I don’t think they have a winning mentality if they are engaging in load management.’

Freedom’s comment draws a significant contrast between the current crop of NBA stars and the era of players like Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal, suggesting that the past era witnessed stronger stars.This is why the new rules on load management seem cool to him.

Fans mock the former Celtic C for contradictory criticism

Following a controversial comment made by Enes Freedom which was posted in a tweet by The Dunk Central when he said, “This new generation of players I think is becoming too soft. Back in the day, we’d never heard of load management.”

Freedom’s comment to the younger generation has however attracted several criticisms including fans mocking him in a tweet. A fan said “What does he mean back in the day he was just in da league a few years”

Another followed the first response saying “He was drafted in 2011 when all shit started”

It appears these responses were not enough and a tweet popped up saying “Enes never needed load management cause he only played 50% of the game. Never played an ounce of defense.”

The list of fans reacting to Freedom’s comment is endless as more reactions are coming in. Enes Freedom joined the NBA through the 2011 NBA draft. The Utah Jazz selected Enes as the third overall pick and has gone on to in 11th NBA seasons. He, however, considered himself to be an older generation player when he referred to the younger generation as ‘soft’ to draw criticism to himself.


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