More Details Emerge Surrounding UFC legend Tito Ortiz Huntington Beach House Burglary

New details have emerged regarding the burglary at the house of former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz at his residence in Huntington Beach, California.

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz’s California home was allegedly broken into on Friday, prompting an inquiry. The Huntington Beach Police Department verified initially Sports that a burglary had occurred, although they did not specify what things were taken.

New reports have emerged that thieves broke into Tito Ortiz’s house, found nothing of value, and then left $20 and a few scratch-offs. Quite the absurd burglary.

Ortiz was a household name in the UFC. He is a native of Huntington Beach, and was elected to the City Council as its Mayor pro tempore in 2020 but stepped down after just six months.

“To put it simply, this job isn’t working for me,” Ortiz said while announcing his resignation at a June 2021 meeting.

Ortiz has pursued a career in boxing although he lost his first fight via knockout to fellow UFC veteran Anderson Silva. Although he lost his first fight, Ortiz still wants to continue boxing.

“Yeah, I’ll continue to box,” Ortiz said. “I still want to box, I’d love to box. I’m just learning. Obviously I’m inexperienced. I’m not a boxer, I’m a wrestler. And I’m gonna learn. I’m gonna keep learning.”

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