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Kevin Pillar Injury Update: Los Angeles Dodgers’ outfielder needs surgery on fractured left shoulder

Kevin Pillar

The Los Angeles Dodgers veteran Kevin Pillar needs surgery on fractured left shoulder and will be out for 60 days. While going for a home run he took a risky slide at third base. Even though he remained and continued the game with a wounded shoulder, he was removed before sixth innings to prevent further damage.

His shoulder was popped twice in a single match. He will be out tomorrow to get his shoulder diagnosed. the right-handed outfielder had surgery on the same shoulder previously

Here is what Kevin Pillar had to say about his injury, “Hell yeah it’s frustrating. I worked really hard to put myself in a position to be here. It was the place I ultimately wanted to be. It’s something I dreamed of since I was a little kid, to put this uniform on and contribute. If finally felt like I was fitting in here. It was nice to have had spring training with these guys. I felt very comfortable from day one. It obviously takes a couple of days for you to kind of feel a part of a team.”

He also added, “They had won all these games without me being here. The expectation of going to the playoffs and going deep into the playoffs and really wanting to experience that again. It’s been a lot of years since I’ve experienced it. So on a lot of different levels it’s very, very disappointing. it’s sad, frustrating. But also nothing  I can do about it. Kind of a play, kind of a freak sort of incident and it is what is is.”

Fans are still uncertain about when their favorite player is going to bounce back from his shoulder injury. The veteran outfielder will be out for 60 days which means he will miss the rest of June and July. The franchise will have to play the rest of the games without their key player which will cost them tremendously. 

The Dodgers will be facing the New York Mets for the last match of a 4 match series tomorrow. Dodgers is leading the series 2-1. Moreover, the franchise should look for a replacement for Pillar as soon as possible because they will be having a hectic schedule with flocks of upcoming games.

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