‘Most expensive ownership sale in NBA history’ Phoenix Suns predicting record breaking $3 Billion sell

While the Phoenix suns are preparing for their inaugural game of this season against the L.A Lakers, things have just gone real off-field as the controversial owner of the organization finally announces to sell both male and female sides of phoenix in a record breaking deal amid his suspension from the league. 

Sarver recently got suspended for a year from the NBA after an independent investigation revealed  Sarver engaging in various misconduct. Racial abuse, misogynic behavior and hostile workplace environment were the common misconduct occurred during Mr. Sarver’s nearly twenty years of tenure. 

His 1 year suspension and $10 Million fine was not seemed to be enough by most of the experts and also the NBA legends like LeBron James, Chris Paul and the others. The league was heavily criticized for minimal punishment for such huge allegations. Most of the other NBA franchise owners wanted Sarver to resign from the league and give up his ownership of the Suns. 

Amid all these pressures during the off-season, Sarver finally announced his intentions to sell Phoenix Suns’ ownership last week.

The Phoenix Suns Could Potentially Become The Most Expensive Franchise In NBA

Numerous people have speculated on the valuation of the team soon after Sarver announced his intention. Suns’ worth has skyrocketed despite the fact that they have never won an NBA title as they are currently one of the best teams in the Western Conference.

Recent reporting indicated that the Suns could be sold for over $3 billion, making it the most expensive ownership sale in the 75-year history of the NBA.

As the potential buyers are lining up for the bid, there is a slight opportunity that Sarver’s controversies may not help the cause. He might just have to settle for something lower than the reported valuation due to the recent issues regarding the Suns. However, the Suns arguably have the strongest roster available in the west.

Who could be their new potential owners? Can they put all these off-field controversies behind them and go all in for their first ever championship? Let us know your thoughts.


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