Muhammad Mokaev fires back at UFC fan’s “You can’t finish nobody” rant with impressive fight stats

Muhammad Mokaev, a rising star in the UFC, recently got into an argument with a fan on Twitter after the fan called Mokaev a dull fighter. However, in response to the fan, ‘The Punisher’ provided evidence in the form of his UFC career statistics.

A jab by Muhammad Mokaev at a fan

In 2022, Mokaev has just started his mixed martial arts career for Dana White’s organization. But in just one year, the young talent competed in four fights and easily won each one. There’s a saying, no matter how hard someone tries, there will always be skeptics.

On Twitter, an MMA fan of made fun of Mokaev by writing, “You’re just boring bro. You can’t finish nobody. It takes the opportunity of a fight bonus”

The English fighter either took the jab seriously or laughed it off. Regardless of how the 22-year-old fighter perceived it, he responded with some statistics from his time competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. 

“I love these casuals. 3 finishes out of 4 fights in the ufc. 1 fight were decision which was most takedowns in the UFC flyweight history.” Mokaev said. 

Some interesting statistics for The Punisher!

Statistics would contradict the fan’s assertions. With a perfect record after ten fights, the young prodigy is essentially on the correct route. Currently ranked number 12 in the flyweight division, he needs just one more victory to guarantee his spot among the top ten. 

A fighter who has won three of his four matches by submission cannot possibly be a dull athlete. This holds true for Mokaev, who earned his three victories through submission using a guillotine choke, an armbar, and a side crank. That demonstrates that despite his lack of a knockout victory, he still punishes his opponent sufficiently for him to be dubbed The Punisher. 

The fighter, who is of Dagestani descent, is also a purple belt holder in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. It will be intriguing to see how far he can go with his freestyle wrestling in the flyweight division. 

Do you find Mokaev’s playing style to be dull or entertaining enough? Comment below with your opinions. 

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