NBA enthusiasts laugh at Bulls’ C Andre Drummond over his “Hall of Fame player” claim

Andre Drummond, in his earlier years with the Detroit Pistons, now a member of the Chicago Bulls, was the NBA’s top rebounder. Incidentally, he led the league in rebounds in four different seasons (2016, 2018, 2019, and 2020). His personal stats have made him feel he can do the unthinkable in the NBA.

This achievement earned Drummond two All-Star selections in 2016 and 2018 and a spot on the All-NBA Third Team in 2016. Andre Drummond is recently trending in the social media pages over the HOF claim. This however has created an amusing and rather joking atmosphere among NBA enthusiasts.

NBA enthusiasts laugh at Bulls’ C Andre Drummond over his “Hall of Fame player” claim

Over the years, Andre Drummond has enjoyed good times with the teams he played for, especially the Detroit Pistons. His rebound skill makes him unique. But his lack of offensive skills and lack of silverware has caused the debate that he’s been overrated by many. Andre Drummond has great conviction in himself that he is strong enough to contest for the Hall of Fame player and can also win the greatest of all time in rebounds.

Andre Drummond


He said this in his interview with the comfortable pod “Like I said, I used to play 40 minutes. I was a star, All-Star, All-NBA, I’ve done it. Hall of Fame candidate, best rebounder ever,”  “Ever. Ever. I was the best rebounder ever.” The claim confirmation tweet came when  @TheDunkCentral posted on X Andre’s claim “I think I have a chance to be a Hall of Fame player due to what I’ve done in my career.”

NBA fans mock Andre Drummond over his “Hall of Fame player” claim

There is a feeling that comes with it when you do something exceptional like the one Andre Drummond did. Getting the highest rebounds in four different NBA seasons is no joke. Andre believes this can earn him a Hall of Fame candidate. The claim he made.

The Hall of Fame claim appears so funny to NBA enthusiast who sees Andre Drummond as a player who lacks the credentials to be nominated for the prestigious Hall of Fame award. The claim has stirred some frowning reactions from the fans.

Responding to Andre’s HOF claim, is a tweet that shows Andre’s  blank resume


Another fan reacted with a tweet saying “WWE HOF more credible” “Boucher HOF case looking brighter then ever it seems.” 

The fans wont stop reacting to this Andre’s claim with another one sarcastically claiming, ” Yeah the fact he thinks he has a chance in hell is the problem with the basketball HoF.” Seems like even the HoF committee is not spared by the ball fans. 

The lists of fans reacting to Andre Drummond’s HOF claims is endless. NBA fans won’t stop mocking Andre Drummond as we anticipate more mocking and funny tweets from fans. However, we haven’t heard your opinion yet. Why not let us know your take on this in the comments



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