Watch Shaquille O’Neal Practice ‘Fowl’ Calls as He Tries to Make Real Hawk Attack Charles Barkley

Read as Shaquille O’Neal wants Hawk to attack Charles Barkley on sets of a talk show hosted by Ernie Johnson!

NBA on TNT’s Ej’s Neato Stat of the Night feature, hosted by famous sportscaster Ernie Johnson, has seen some wild antics throughout the years. This time, NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal attempted to imitate a hawk attack on fellow analyst Charles Barkley as he tried fowl calls.

The segment started off with Shaq being asked to summon a real hawk to the studio with a call. Shaq did a decent job as EJ pointed out that Shaq once tried to make current NBA star, Trae Young do hawk calls with him. 

Although his hawk calls were half decent, Shaq failed miserably when asked to mimic other bird calls. To O’Neal’s surprise, a real-life hawk was brought on to the set. The hawk, a 47-year-old named “Lobo” is used for educational purposes and shows by trainer Dale.

Shaq was initially a bit alarmed about the bird but soon changed his mind. He hilariously walked up to his colleague Charles Barkley and held his arm out to invite the bird of prey to attack while making bird calls! Fortunately, though, the bird did not attack and nobody on set was harmed!


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