NBA Rumors: Warriors weighing massive trades to revamp roster with everyone except Stephen Curry eligible

NBA expert Tim Kawakami claims that the Golden State Warriors may be thinking about making significant roster changes this summer. The Warriors are now one game above.500 and 15th in the NBA in net rating despite injuries and inconsistent play afflicting the team this season. The team must make the most of their title window before it closes because Stephen Curry will soon turn 35.

Except for Curry, according to Kawakami, every member of the Warriors squad might be deemed expendable if they have a poor postseason. Young player Jordan Poole, who has a lot of promise, might be a prime trade target for the group.

Yet this summer, the front office will have to make some difficult choices. Unrestricted free agent Draymond Green allegedly wants the Warriors to offer him a maximum deal extension. He might become a sign-and-trade candidate if the team declines to sign him to such a deal. Only the Utah Jazz and Houston Rockets currently have enough cap room to sign Green directly, but neither of those teams may be a good match for Green.

Poole, a 23-year-old shooting guard, has occasionally displayed brilliance throughout the Warriors’ championship run. He shot 50.8/39.1/91.5 percent on average for 17.0 points per game and has a deal through 2027. If the Warriors decide to trade him, they might get a respectable return.

In order to take advantage of their title window before it shuts, the Warriors must move rapidly. The squad cannot afford to wait it out as Western Conference rival contenders have made considerable improvements. The Warriors may be in need of a significant roster shuffle in order to get back on track and challenge for a second championship.

How has Stephen Curry changed the NBA format?

Steph Curry has had a significant impact on the NBA since entering the league in 2009. His style of play and innovative shooting techniques have revolutionized the game, changing the way teams approach offense and the way fans watch and appreciate basketball.

Curry’s ability to shoot from beyond the arc has made the three-point shot a fundamental part of the modern NBA game. Teams now prioritize shooters and stretch players who can score from anywhere on the court, as well as those who can defend against it. Additionally, Curry’s quick ball handling and dribbling techniques have also influenced younger players and led to a surge of new and exciting point guards in the league.

Stephen Curry

Off the court, Curry’s likable personality and business acumen have also made him one of the most marketable and popular players in the league, helping to bring in new fans and expand the NBA’s global reach.

Overall, Curry’s impact on the NBA has been immense, and his legacy as one of the greatest shooters and innovators of the game is sure to continue for years to come.

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