NBA star Kevin Love brutally trash talks NFL QB Aaron Rodgers during Heat’s conference semifinal game 1 win vs Knicks

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was spotted sitting courtside with teammate Allen Lazard at the New York Knicks and Miami Heat game held at Madison Square Garden. Unfortunately for the Knicks, the Heat emerged victorious in Game 1 of their playoff series. After the game, Miami Heat forward Kevin Love had some playful words for Rodgers, referencing an NFL statistic in the process.

Kevin Love Jokingly Challenges Aaron Rodgers’ Quarterback Rating at Knicks vs. Heat Playoff Game

Love had an impressive performance, scoring nine points, grabbing five rebounds, and dishing out four assists, three of which came in quick succession during the game-changing third quarter. However, it was his long passes, which covered the length of the court and resulted in easy baskets for Miami, that caught the attention of both fans and Rodgers alike.

During their friendly exchange, Love shared with Rodgers, “I told Aaron Rodgers, ‘I’ve got the best quarterback rating in New York City. He hasn’t played a game yet here, but I saw him sitting over there. We’re friendly, so I went and said hello. I saw him sitting there, so, might as well throw something at him.” Love’s comment was in jest, and he later clarified that he is friends with the Jets quarterback.

Rodgers, who is set to start his 19th season in the NFL, recently joined the New York Jets after spending 18 seasons with the Green Bay Packers. The 10-time Pro Bowler holds an impressive 103.6 career quarterback rating, which is the second-highest in NFL history after Patrick Mahomes and his 105.7 rating. Despite not having played a game for the Jets yet, it is safe to say that Rodgers will surpass Love’s current quarterback rating in the upcoming NFL season.

While Rodgers may have been on the receiving end of Love’s playful trash talk during the game, there is no doubt that he will be looking to make an impact on the field when the NFL season kicks off later this year.

Kevin Love’s Outlet Passes and Playful Trash Talk Propel Heat to Victory over Knicks in Game 1

Miami Heat’s Kevin Love made a significant impact on the court despite only playing for 16 minutes in Game 1 against the New York Knicks. Love’s nine points, five rebounds, and four assists played a vital role in Miami’s 108-101 win over the Knicks.

His long passes traveled the length of the court, resulting in easy buckets for the Heat. Love even threw some playful trash talk at New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who was sitting courtside. Love quipped, “I’ve got the best quarterback rating in New York as of right now.” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra credited Love with giving the team the spark it needed to play spoiler on the road.

Kevin Love settling in, trying to lift struggling Miami Heat |

Love is no stranger to the full-court pass, and he hit Heat star Jimmy Butler twice and forward Max Strus once with long bombs in Game 1 against the Knicks. Spoelstra praised Love’s incredible skill of throwing the ball 90 feet on time and on target. Love knows that every possession counts a little bit more in the postseason, and the Heat wants to get easy triggers, easy buckets, and buckets in transition if they can.

Miami and Love will be back at the Garden for Game 2 on May 2, and it remains to be seen if Love’s long bombs continue to provide the Heat with easy buckets and whether Aaron Rodgers will be a spectator or not.


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