NBA Trade Rumors: Unexpected turn of events in Suns’ Deandre Ayton trade negotiations amidst challenging market conditions

Deandre Ayton, the powerful Phoenix Suns’ Center has been the focus of trade rumors for a while, after the team’s playoff defeat to the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference Semifinals.

The Suns do not appear to be totally committed to dealing him this offseason, though. The Suns have reportedly been attempting to move the center for some time owing to issues with both his pay and how well he fits in with the squad. Since the 2021–22 season, when Ayton switched from his entry-level contract to a restricted free-agency status, trade rumors have been circulating about him.

Suns may keep Deandre Ayton due to poor trade offers

Deandre Ayton has drawn multiple trade requests from the Phoenix Suns, but none of the bids they received for the brilliant center seem to match their expectations. There is a good chance that the Suns will decide to keep Ayton instead of settling for a deal that undervalues him. According to John Gambadoro of Arizona Sports FM, there is a significant probability that Ayton will remain with the Suns.

The Suns must, however, strike a balance between their budgetary limitations and roster depth. They lack depth after acquiring Bradley Beal, so in order to fix this problem and maintain their financial stability, they could have to part ways with Ayton.

The Suns have a $161.5 million financial commitment to Durant, Booker, Beal, and Ayton as of right now. They are already near the $165 million luxury tax threshold, and keeping Ayton would probably send them beyond the second luxury tax apron.

Unfortunately, selling Ayton would force the Suns to settle for less money than they had planned for in exchange. Following his postseason failures with Phoenix, Ayton’s value has decreased, and the absence of bids that are comparable to the Suns’ asking price reflects how the market sees him.

Suns fans’ reaction to Deandre Ayton’s trade situations

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Deandre Ayton’s postseason performance has been met with criticism by Phoenix Suns supporters, who have expressed their irritation with the center’s persistent trade rumors. They were disappointed by Ayton’s poor performance since they had high expectations for him, especially after the team’s successful playoff run.

They are aware that given the current situation, finding a decent deal for Ayton could not be simple. Despite their anger, Suns supporters are attempting to accept the situation as it is and the hazy nature of the transfer market while hoping for a solution that would help the team’s long-term prosperity. The fans took to Twitter to express their reactions and said:-

“Nobody who watched the playoffs this year would want Ayton for anything of value when Bradley Beal just got moved for Landry Shamet and a sandwich,” said a fan.

“Not finding “proper value” for a center making $30m+ who got benched in back-to-back postseasons for *checks notes* Bismack Biyombo and Jock Landale? Not gonna get much lol,” added another.

“Deandre ayton has QUIT on the suns the last two postseasons in elimination games why would any team want him ?!!?” stated another.

“Suns have no chance with him. Idc what Frankie V says. There’s a “Joker” problem in the NBA. You must find a way to contain him a little. Jokic just walked Ayton down throughout that whole series. Ayton might not even be better than Roy Hibbert,” one fan said.

“Don’t buy it, I still believe he’s getting traded” a user commented.

“Ayton gonna officially request a trade and threaten to sit out games if he’s not traded when the season starts,” commented another.


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