NBA world react to massive update on Ja Morant following IG live gun incident

Ja Morant, Memphis Grizzlies’ rising star, has been the talk of the NBA world lately due to an Instagram Live session where he was seen handling a firearm. Previously, there were concerns that the young star could miss the rest of the season due to his conduct. However, the NBA announced that Morant would only miss three more games, much to the relief of his team and fans.

Memphis Grizzlies have shown they can win without Morant, but fans are excited to see him back in action nonetheless. And they had some interesting reactions to the news of his suspension. Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted, “The NBA is suspending Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant for eight games without pay for conduct detrimental to the league, sources tell ESPN.” This tweet stirred up the social media world and triggered various responses.

How did the NBA World React?

As usual, fans were not shy in expressing their opinions, with some being ruthless towards Morant. A fan even trolled him, stating, “The league really about to bully Ja into posting like this again.” One fan summed up the entire situation by stating, “Ja Morant screwed up. Do the time, show understanding, and change your ways!” 

Another fan had a cynical take on the situation, stating, “Good slap on the wrist so NBA can collect playoff revenue.”

While some fans are eager to move on from this incident, others are growing tired of hearing about it. As one fan tweeted, “Okay so is this the last of the punishment cuz y’all are really dragging it at this point.” This suggests that some fans want to see Morant back in action as soon as possible, while others feel he deserves a more severe punishment.

Ultimately, the most crucial thing is that Ja Morant learns from his mistakes and stops getting himself into trouble. As one fan put it, “I don’t know if this is or isn’t right – I just know that Adam Silver definitely was going to be soft here and in the least surprising fashion, he was. As for Ja – genuinely hope he gets right. By all accounts he’s taking the steps, hopefully they matter.” This sentiment is shared by many fans who are rooting for Morant to come back stronger and better than ever before.

How are you reacting to Ja Moran and his “IG live gun incident”? You can share your thoughts in the comments. 

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