Nick Young’s admission of being the best NBA player over LeBron James leaves fans in splits

Nick Young has been known for running his mouth a bit too much since his days in the NBA and it looks like that ability has not yet worn off the 35-year-old. Young recently boasted his ability to light up the Drew League, a pro-am basketball league that is held every summer in Los Angeles.

The “Swaggy P” of the NBA even went out to say that if he confronted the potential GOAT of the NBA, LeBron James, fans would not be able to tell them apart in terms of performance. These comments from Nick has riled up the fans and sparked the start of merciless trolling over the internet.

Fans troll Nick Young for his remark on LeBron James

The Fans are not taking Nick Young’s words lightly and many have resorted to trolling the former NBA on social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter). Young’s statement that started it all was – “I guarantee if you saw LeBron in front of me at the Drew League you wouldn’t know who is the best player in the NBA.”

A fan’s response to Young’s remark was hilarious. He commented, “There’s a difference between dropping 60 in a drew league game that means nothing and going to 8 straight NBA finals & 9 in 10 years.”, showcasing one of LeBron’s massive achievements in front of Swaggy P.

However, Nick’s remark should be taken lightly as he is known to say things he doesn’t mean. But on the other side, it’s very obvious to everyone that the internet is not so forgiving even of these lighthearted remarks made by celebrated individuals.

Where does Nick Young play now?

The Prophet of Swag retired from the NBA in 2020 and is not known to be playing professional basketball ever since. As a native of LA, he is regularly seen making appearances at the Drew League. In that pro-am league, he has put up remarkably high stats that just don’t match up with his career in the NBA.

Nick Young
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Last year in 2022, Young participated in a tournament in Dubai where he said that he is not fully retired and is open to playing if the right opportunity arises. It is still unclear whether the fans of Nick Young can see him play professional basketball again. But as for his big talks, it seems that they would continue for a long time.

What do you think about Nick Young’s comment on LeBron and the Drew League? Do you think he would be able to compete with King James? We are eager to hear your thoughts on this one, so drop down in the comments and share your take.

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