“Nothing fancy from Burns. Just persistence, pressure & consistency”: Fighter Kenny Florian exceptionally praises Gilbert Burns after winning over Jorge Masvidal at UFC 287

Gilbert ‘Durinho’ Burns extended his winning streak at Miami as he earned a dominant victory against Jorge ‘Gamebred‘ Masvidal at UFC 287. Masvidal’s remarkable 20-year career came to an end after the defeat when he did as was predicted and hung up his gloves. Burns defeated Masvidal by unanimous decision, with scores of 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28 and is currently vying for the welterweight championship.

The Brazilian fighter, 36, who dominated most of the fight, received great acclaim from many including former UFC fighter Kenny Florian. Florian highly appreciated Burn’s simple and persistent approach throughout the fight, in a tweet he said, “Nothing fancy from Burns. Just persistence, pressure & consistency. Masvidal just couldn’t figure it out. Reaction time isn’t what it used to be but great to see him succeed in this sport after grinding for so long. Burns moves up the ladder again & gets closer to a title shot.”

Right from the first bell, Gilbert was on point. The first round saw both the fighters standing up for the majority of the round until Burns got the ever important takedown in the final ten seconds and subsequently won the round on two judges scorecards. Rounds two and three totally belonged to the Brazilian as he controlled the fight from the ground while also landing some solid combinations of his own.

Gilbert Burns accuses Masvidal of being ‘Slippery’

“I know those old tricks those guys do. They, you know what they do? They wake up and they take the first shower and they pass a lot of lotion on their body. The skin absorbs the lotion. After three hours you do it again,” said Burns. “After you do it again, and then you do it again. Your body absorbs. And when you start sweating a lot, for sure he did that. 100-percent he did. I’m telling you. Not maybe. No. 100-percent he did. He was so slippery, I’ve got to give it to the guy. The guy has all the tricks.”

Jorge Masvidal speaks in the post-fight interview.

Masvidal’s alleged grease-up, in Burns’ opinion, affected how the fight turned out. He claims that if Masvidal had not been so slick, he would have finished him on the ground. “100-percent (I would have finished him),” Burns continued. “I dominated the guy on the floor. If I have a little less lotion my guy. If I had a little bit less lotion I think I could get it done.”

Burns is still awaiting word on who he’ll fight next. Who do you want the champ to fight next? Let us know in the comment section.

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