Watch: Famous sports medicine doctor breaks down Israel Adesanya’s brutal KO inflicted on Alex Pereira at UFC 287

In just the fourth minute of the second round, Israel Adesanya knocked out Alex Pereira. A medical professional was prompted to swiftly explain on a YouTube video how devastating the knockout could have been for Poatan as Pereira fell flat on the octagon. 

Since their kickboxing days in Glory, Poatan and The Last Stylebender have been adversaries. The Nigerian fighter was twice defeated by the Brazilian kickboxer. Adesanya’s luck remained poor even when they first met in the UFC in November of last year. Izzy’s fourth effort, though, was successful tonight in Miami-Dade Arena.

Given their shared past in combat sports, it seemed almost inevitable that the Nigeria-born fighter would risk everything to get retribution. The Last Stylebender has been aiming towards this result since 2017. When he finally had the chance, Adesanya showed no mercy to Pereira, but could Alex be seriously hurt by his knockout?

Brian Sutterer, a professional doctor based in Rochester, Minnesota explained in one of his newest youtube videos regarding Pereira’s knockout. According to the American doctor, the last punch from Adesanya to Pereira’s face could have been deadly as it landed straight at the most vulnerable side of our face. 

The second last jab on the frontal side of the Pereira’s face was strong but Alex managed that with a quick reflex and in fact was ready to counter-attack. Within a blink of an eye, Adesanya with all his rage, launched the second attack at the left side of Pereira’s face where humans have a very thin bone to protect the inner structure of the face. 

According to Brian, who is quite famous for explaining deadly injuries in the field of NFL, NBA, UFC and many other sports, the second jab was the one that put Pereira out of the game. It could have been serious if the bone broke and caused eye or ear injury. 

Fortunately, nothing serious happened there with the Brazilian. Pereira is well now and aiming to book his next fight. 


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