“No matter what Alex is a great champion” Israel Adesanya lauds bitter rival Alex Pereira after brutal KO victory at UFC 287

One can only imagine how eager Israel Adesanya was to exact revenge on his long-standing foe Alex Pereira. Yet, Izzy showed tremendous class and sportsmanship during the octagon interview, in which Israel gave appropriate credit to his arch-enemy where it was due.

For the Auckland native, the fight against Poatan was much more than just a title bout. It was a form of redemption, a meaningful endeavor at long-overdue retribution, and a way for him to disprove many of his critics and doubters. Izzy did it all in such a way that one can hope that he accomplished all for which he came to Miami.

What did Israel Adesanya have to say about Alex Pereira after the fight?

Poatan and The Last Stylebender have been rivals since their kickboxing days in Glory. The Brazilian kickboxer defeated the fighter from Nigeria not once, but two times. Even when they faced up in the UFC for the first time in November of last year, Adesanya’s luck stayed flat. Yet tonight in Miami-Dade Arena, Israel’s fourth attempt proved to be successful.

Izzy did not fail to compliment Pereira in the midst of her joy and exhilaration. The Brazilian fighter had, after all, dominated him for more than half a decade. Adesanya was compelled to discuss the Brazilian’s greatness in the octagon interview he gave to Joe Rogan after the fight.

 “In his story, I’m the antagonist. I’m the bad guy. But tonight, it’s my story. They say revenge is sweet and if you know me, I’ve got a sweet tooth. This is f****** sweet. I’m telling you, no matter what, Alex is a great champion. He lost the belt tonight but he will always be the champion.” said Israel.

Israel vanquished Pereira after many years of waiting, and he roared in glee and contentment as expected. The Last Stylebender’s worst nightmare since his kickboxing days up till the UFC has been Poatan. 

“I told you, the hunter is now the hunted. Beating me, he made me a better fighter, a better person. In this camp, I didn’t f*** around. That last one had everything. Since 2017, that last hammer fist was from the gods.” Israel further added. 

After the fight, regardless of what happened inside the cage, the two opponents didn’t display any signs of animosity toward one another. What’s your take on such a show of sportsmanship?

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