“Your life is in danger, come here” Following prisoner exchange with Brittney Griner arms dealer Viktor Bout urges former president Donald Trump to seek asylum in Russia

The former US president Donald Trump has been in a tight spot recently, but it probably didn’t reach that point when a notorious Russian arms dealer, Viktor Bout, has to offer him migratory advice!

Viktor made a splash when the US government had to exchange him for bringing home WNBA star Brittney Griner from a Russian prison. Brittney was arrested for carrying illegal substances into Russia through the airport and sent to a maximum-security prison.

Later, in December, the Russian and US governments agreed to swap prisoners, and the arms dealer was finally allowed to taste freedom after 14 years of imprisonment. Recently, in an interview, he opened up about the situation with the former president.

What did Viktor Bout say about Donald Trump?

In an interview with a Russian state TV channel, the 56-year-old suggested Donald seek asylum in Russia, believing the former president’s life is in danger. The 45th President of the United States was arrested and will face multiple charges on multiple fronts ahead of the national election.

“The legal process which has now begun in New York won’t just end in Donald Trump being convicted and barred from the election,” the arms dealer said. “Most likely he will simply be eliminated there.”

“Therefore, I think it’s in the best interests of all of humanity and primarily all of the American people to invite Donald Trump here, to Russia, to give him security and protection here,” Bout added. “So that he leads this uprising against the globalists and, most importantly, does not allow the elimination of the American people.”

He also claimed to have sent a telegram to Trump describing the imminent danger to his life and inviting him to leave America as soon as possible. The merchant of death believes the US government will stage the demise of their former president to secure their political agenda.

No matter how bizarre it may sound, Donald Trump is facing serious charges, and this legal barrier, could very well hamper his election campaign and benefit the opposition party highly.

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