“Oh my goodness” Joe Rogan’s epic reaction footage of UFC 278 goes viral after Leon Edwards vs Kamaru Usman trilogy bout

One of the most memorable moments in UFC history occurred when Leon Edwards knocked out former welterweight champion Kamaru Usman with a head kick. Joe Rogan was present in the commentary booth that day and the popular podcaster’s epic reaction to the entire ordeal has gifted another viral clip from the UFC.

In the buildup to yet another fight between the two welterweight fighters, the internet is once more buzzing with Joe Rogan’s startled reaction. On the main card of UFC 286 at the O2 Arena in London, Rocky and The Nigerian Nightmare squared off for the third time. Usman, the No. 1 fighter in the division, was defeated by Edwards, the current welterweight champion.

How did Joe Rogan react to Leon Edwards’ head kick KO? 

The second fight between Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman was the main event of UFC 278, which took place in Salt Lake City’s Vivint Arena. This fight was the second in a trilogy between the two fighters. Usman completely dominated Leon throughout the whole fight, right up until the very last minute of the final round.

Leon was aware that, should the matter be decided by a decision, he would have no chance of winning; nevertheless, he did have one choice. Rocky had to find a way to knock out Usman, and he did so with a soaring high head kick that he directed squarely at Usman’s head to knock him out.

At that very instant, an eruption occurred in Salt Lake City. The color commentator Joe Rogan had the same sentiment. Rogan had a moment where he was speechless while he was sitting in the commentary booth of the Arena. It was the exact reaction that turned into a meme on the internet, and he became viral within a day of it being posted.

“Oh, my goodness! The way he pulled that out of the fire. Look at this, he set it up by showing the left and then a picture left high kick. Oh, my goodness! Look how he shows him the left to hide it.” Rogan said after witnessing the head kick. 

There are complaints that many of Joe’s reactions are overly exaggerated and melodramatic, despite the fact that many people believe Joe to be one of the top commentators in the UFC. On the other hand, taking into account the circumstances of the fight, his response to Leon’s glory appeared to be the exact demonstration of the general people. 

“Nothing compares, nothing compares. It’s the greatest head kick knockout in the history of the sport with the most consequences, the most at stake, the most doubt, the most people counting him out, including us.” Joe explained after the UFC 278 main event. 

Even today, Joe’s memorable response is the subject of hilarious memes that can be seen all over the internet. Rogan became relevant once more just during the week of the Leon vs. Usman trilogy bout, despite the fact that he did not serve the commentator’s role this time.

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