Paddy Pimblett believes UFC 284 main event was a draw claiming Islam Makhachev was “hanging on for dear life” in last round vs Alexander Volkanovski

It has been two weeks since the UFC 284 fight between Alexander Volkanovski and Islam Makahchev. Paddy Pimblett just revealed that the bout should have finished in a draw.

The highly anticipated UFC 284 lightweight battle between Islam and Volkanovski took place at the RAC Arena in Perth on February 12,  Makhachev defended his lightweight championship by winning a unanimous decision over Alexander Volkanovski by scores of 48-47, 48-47, and 49-46.

It was a really close bout since both the Australian and the Russian displayed exceptional mixed martial arts skills and fought so brilliantly on that particular day. Numerous MMA competitors and combat sports figures have had conflicting feelings about the match, with many feeling Volk should have won.

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie, Paddy Pimblett was one of the fighters who expressed his thoughts on the fight. Paddy The Baddy thinks it was more like a draw even though Islam played really well.

”I thought it was a draw. I thought the last round was a 10-8 for Volk, and he’d won one other round. But Islam won three rounds with control. He didn’t do much when he had the control but if someone’s on your back, you’re losing. Even if you’re talking to them and punching them.” said Paddy.

Paddy Pimblett personally thought it was a draw as according to the lightweight fighter, in the last round Makhachev was hanging on for dear life. In the final round of the battle, Islam had a tough few moments as The Great was all over him.

In the most recently published ranking after UFC 284, Volkanovski kept the top spot in the pound-for-pound rankings, while Makhachev remained in second. The Dagestani fighter later expressed his disappointment towards the ranking system for not being declared as the P4P king. 

Do you agree with Paddy that the bout should have resulted in a draw?


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