“I ain’t gonna talk about him no more” Tom Aspinall responds to Conor McGregor’s threat to “kill” him

Conor McGregor, who recently threatened Tom Aspinall with death in retaliation for the harsh comments the English had fired at him, received another response from Tom. 

Michael Chandler will be McGregor’s opponent when he returns to the cage after coaching against one another on the new season of  The Ultimate Fighter ahead of their fight, UFC president Dana White revealed earlier in February. 

Tom recently stated that he is not especially enthusiastic to watch Conor fight again and that he finds it strange why there is such a buzz surrounding the Irishman’s comeback to the sport when there are so many other fights to be hyped about right now.

The heavyweight Tom, who is presently 5-1-0 in the UFC, talked about a variety of subjects, including Conor and many more, in a recent interview. The English boxer believes that there should be more excitement for the upcoming mega battle between Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman. 

Conor in response to Tom’s comments regarding his return made a tweet directed at the heavyweight asking him to not mention his name ever again. The Irish UFC superstar added fuel to the fire saying, ”Starve you and kill you, I will you f***ing disrespectful p***k. Don’t ever speak my name in disrespect again. Mush potato head. Mush head rat keeps your comments to yourself.” 

The number 6 ranked heavyweight contender recently shared his side of thoughts at Conor’s massive threat to him in an interview with Jamal Niaz. Tom said as McGregor told him not to speak about him anymore so he is going to respect that.

According to the British fighter, the notorious is a scary guy so when he made threats it is better to back off. 

However, Tom Aspinall also clearly mentioned he does not disrespect the former two-division champ in any way and he is not the kind of character who would disrespect anyone, especially someone like him who’s a massive pioneer of the sport.

”All I said was I’m more interested in other fights. There’s a freakin’ heavyweight title fight coming up this weekend, in my division. Of course, I’m going to be more interested in that. But, who knows? Like I said, his name is staying out of my mouth right now. I don’t want none of that.” Tom added.


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