Patrick Mahome’s wife Brittany Mahomes admits she goes to “therapy” to relieve anxiety

Brittany Mahomes, the wife of NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes, might seemingly be one of the luckiest women in sports, but there are struggles behind the curtain that we don’t see.

Being at the center of all attention, fame, and stardom might not be as healthy as we think it is. The expectation seemingly rises every day, and people around them may think of them a certain way, but deep inside every human is fragility, which makes them more anxious to be perfect all the time.

Recently, Brittany shared her dark side of being the wife and mother in the family of the Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback.

What did Brittany Mahomes say?

The 27-year-old has experienced moments of weakness just like everyone else, and recently in an Instagram story, she shared her anxiety issue. A fan asked her, “Do you have anxiety? If so, how do you cope?”

“I do. It has gotten worse as years go on…” the two-time Super Bowl champion’s wife replied, revealing that she goes to therapy to address the issue.

Being a popular person, especially when you’re an attractive woman, the present sick world always finds a scope to harass them. Brittany is not different; she has to wear bodyguards while going somewhere or running an errand, and it took a toll on her mental health.

Being reminded continuously that she might face any danger made her feel more vulnerable than she actually is. Furthermore, the social status, image, family, and child bearing are all heavy baggage that Mahomes’ wife is carrying.

As said earlier, being at her peak all the time and being ready to deliver as expectations mount is a huge burden, and justifiably Brittany Mahomes feels tired and anxious from all these. That’s why therapy is there to help her from time to time.

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