“We MISSED YOU!!!!”: Fans react to Seth Rollins vs The Miz amid rumoured exit after walking out on WWE event

Seth Rollins is one of the current top stars in WWE. He sparked a lot of speculation about his future in the company when rumors circulated of him storming out of a recent show.

Amidst fan concerns, numerous questions arose about Seth‘s issues and mental state, demanding answers. According to a report by former WWE writer, Freddie Prinze. Rollins was deeply upset with how things transpired at RAW two weeks ago.

It seems that Rollins’ RAW moment was stripped away from him. When he made his entrance with fans chanting his song, the show abruptly cut to a commercial, leaving Rollins visibly upset. Reports suggest that he had a heated exchange with the production crew, who were allegedly informing him of his canceled segment. As a result, The Visionary left the ring without delivering his promo.

Speculation was rife about Seth’s future, especially since he wasn’t advertised for any upcoming live events. However, his future became slightly less murky when he was scheduled to compete against The Miz on WWE RAW.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul facing off Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins: Recent WWE Upheavals; What Could They Mean for His Future in the Company?

Seth’s future in WWE now appears to be solidified, as evidenced by his reaction on Twitter to his booking for a match: “I’M BOOKED! SEE YA IN LITTLE ROCK!” He also shared a GIF of a man jumping exuberantly on a trampoline. Therefore, it’s safe to say that Rollins’ immediate future in WWE is quite secure.

Seth Rollins is a former world champion. It’s reasonable to argue that he should be higher up on the card in WWE.

Rollins is undoubtedly one of the top wrestlers currently in WWE. He has demonstrated his ability to adapt and evolve to stay relevant to changing trends over the past few years. Despite having a unique and unusual gimmick. He has managed to win over the WWE Universe when many thought it wouldn’t work.

Even his wife, Becky Lynch, has expressed that he deserved to be in the main event of WrestleMania 39 instead of Cody Rhodes. Although her opinion appears to have gone unheard. It would be intriguing if WWE could develop a storyline around Rollins’ current dissatisfaction in a similar manner to how AEW did with MJF.

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