“Paul Heyman-Brock Lesnar vibes”: Belal Muhammad hints conspiracy as Dana White wants Colby Covington in next title match

Dana White strikes again! This time, he’s got Belal Muhammad in a tizzy as the fighter draws comparisons to the legendary Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar duo. Muhammad is none too pleased with White’s unyielding push for Colby Covington to receive a title shot, despite his own impressive eight-fight winning streak.

Muhammad believes he’s not getting the recognition and respect he deserves, and White’s obsession with Covington only adds insult to injury. Looks like the UFC president’s got some explaining to do.

In a recent tweet, the 34-year-old boxer compared White and Covington’s conduct to those of Heyman and Lesnar. Muhammad believes there is a conspiracy at work, with the UFC president trying to convince the media and fans that Covington deserves a title shot despite his 2-2 record.

Dana White

The Battle for Welterweight Respect: Muhammad vs. Covington and the Controversial Push from Dana White

While Covington has splendid wins over Tyron Woodley and Jorge Masvidal, both of whom had two defeats, many in the welterweight class, including current champion Leon Edwards, believe he does not deserve a crack at the championship. Muhammad has this viewpoint and has made it known on social media.

Muhammad’s comparison to Heyman and Lesnar is not unwarranted. Heyman was Lesnar’s mouthpiece and played a crucial role in boosting his career with his persuasive words. Similarly, Muhammad feels that White and Covington are benefiting from each other, and he is not receiving the respect and recognition he deserves.

White has been outspoken about his wish to have Covington fight for the title, and he declared during the post-fight press conference of UFC on ESPN 43 that Edwards must fight Covington, reasoning it was his duty as a champion. It remains to be seen whether Covington will indeed get his desired title shot or whether Muhammad’s impressive winning streak will earn him the recognition he feels he deserves.

The Battle Between Merit and Promotion: Belal Muhammad vs Colby Covington in UFC’s Unpredictable Realm

In the realm of combat sports, it is not just about who merits to battle for the championship, but also about who can sell the fight. Dana White has always been an outstanding promoter, and he catches something in Colby Covington that will make for an interesting tale.

Belal Muhammad, on the flip side, isn’t buying it and isn’t scared to say so. Muhammad will possibly encounter additional barriers and challenges as he rises through the ranks and establishes himself as a prominent competitor.

Yet, with his unconquerable spirit and unshakable drive, he will toil until he is acknowledged. And who knows, maybe one day we’ll see a Muhammad-Edwards bout that will go down in UFC history as one of the best fights ever.

Only time shall tell, but one thing is certain: the world of combat sports is unpredictable, and anything could happen inside the Octagon.


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