“It’s going to be Colby Next”: UFC President Dana White reacts savagely after Leon Edwards’ Colby Covington spar refusal

In the world of UFC, anything can happen, and Dana White is the man in charge. Recently, he responded to Leon Edwards who expressed his dissatisfaction with the idea of fighting Colby Covington next. Edwards, also known as ‘Rocky,’ recently emerged victorious over Kamaru Usman in their trilogy fight at UFC 286.

However, his victory was soon overshadowed by the news of Covington, also known as ‘Chaos,’ would be next in line to challenge for the coveted welterweight title. It’s no secret, Edwards and Covington are not the best of friends, and their rivalry dates back to 2019.

Dana White

Edwards and Covington’s Feud: A Fierce Rivalry Inside and Outside the Octagon

At the time, they had a heated exchange during an event, which eventually led to Covington getting his jaw broken during a subsequent fight. Since then, they have been at each other’s throats, both inside and outside the octagon. Edwards, understandably, was not thrilled with the idea of fighting Covington.

In an interview on The MMA Hour, he made his position clear. Edwards stated, Covington did not deserve a title shot after being beaten twice by Usman, the man Leon defeated twice. He also heavily criticized Covington for his prolonged absence.

He bashed him badly for his sudden reappearance for the weigh-ins. Dana White did not spare any words in reaction to Edwards’ remarks. He noted the difficulties — Covington’s irregular wrestling technique may provide for Edwards. However,  he also commended Covington’s fighting skills.

He reminded Edwards, being the current champ, he would have to face the division’s most formidable competitors, including Covington. White then heaped praises on Usman, calling him “one of the best fighters of all time.” He stressed Edwards had earned the title of “man to defeat” in the division and all boxers would be vying for his throne.

UFC Universe: A Mind-Boggling Mix of Rivalries, Knockouts, and the Magnificence of Dana White

Dana did, however, state unequivocally that Covington would be the next in line, whether Edwards liked it or not for individuals who are not particularly well-versed in the intricacies of the UFC universe. Comprehending the dynamic milieu of this combat sport may prove to be a perplexing enigma.

Nevertheless, it is indisputable that in the realm of the UFC, tedium is an exceedingly rare phenomenon. One can observe a milieu of intense and acrimonious rivalries, alongside a plethora of awe-inspiring and spine-chilling knockouts. Bouts that are guaranteed to leave the audience completely gobsmacked.

Moreover, with the ever-so-competent and unparalleled UFC President, Dana White, at the helm, the aficionados of this sport can undoubtedly anticipate nothing short of sheer magnificence and mayhem.


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