UFC on ESPN 43 Bonuses: Daniel Da Silva, C.J. Vergara win huge prize money with “Fight of the Night” honors along with two others

UFC on ESPN 43 headlined by Cory Sandhagen vs Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera was an interesting night of fights that saw three finishes in total.

The second fight of the card was between Daniel da Silva and C.J. Vergara. The Flyweights completely went at each other and out became absolutely impossible for the UFC bread to deny them a fight of the night bonus. Vergara eventually emerged victorious via knockout in the second.

The fight though was one hell of a roller coaster. Da Silva who has now lost his first four fights in the UFC came out all guns blazing as C.J. Vergara barely survived the first round, the round potentially being scored a 10-8.

In the second round, Da Silva continued his aggression but was visibly tired due to the entourage of strikes he landed in the first round. Vergara this time was smart enough to capitalize on the advantage and pushed the pace on Da Silva and eventually got the finish on the ground after fighting a leg lock attempt.

UFC on ESPN 43 Bonuses: Daniel Pineda and Nate Landwehr

Daniel Pineda who was the most experienced possibly the biggest underdog in the whole card, shocked many as he submitted Tucker Lutz in the second round after dropping him in both rounds one and two. Starting the fight off, Pineda landed a few solid leg kicks before attempting a takedown. Both the fighters were doing well until a big Pineda overhand took Lutz down. 

Towards the second round, the leg kicks seemed to be settling on Lutz as Pineda secured the top position with the help of a guillotine and after a bit of scramble finished the fight from the position securing the 28th victory of his career plus $50,000. 

Nate Landwehr who is currently riding high on a three-fight win streak secured another fight-night bonus as he submitted Austin Lingo in the second round. Landwehr started the fight off with some hesitance but didn’t take much time to adjust as he attacked lingo with heavy kicks and closed the distance with nasty elbows.

By the second round, Lingo started to back up as Landwehr landed some accurate high kicks which opened the gate for a takedown. After going on the ground Landwehr didn’t take much time to secure the rear naked choke.

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