Pele and Neymar Jr’s former club Santos FC suffers historic relegation after 111 years in Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A

The Brazilian league, known as Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A, concluded for the season on Wednesday. Unfortunately for Santos FC, which is based in Sao Paulo and has once been home to legends like Pele and Neymar, have been relegated for the first time in their entire history since its establishment in 1912.

Santos FC’s 2-1 loss to Fortaleza meant that the club was relegated from the top division after staying there for over a hundred years, housing not only Pele and Neymar, but also players like Carlos Alberto, Coutinho and Robinho during their time. This has left the fans in Sao Paulo enraged, and around the world, shell shocked. 

Santos FC relegated after 111 years

Santos FC is one of the biggest clubs in Brazil, and also one of the most decorated. Santos did not only groom generational talents, like the late Pele who passed away last year, but also won tons of silverware. 

In their 111 year history, Santos have won the league eight times, second only to Palmeiras in the list, and the Copa Libertadores three times. Now, they have added relegation into their history.

Santos needed a win over Fortaleza, desperately, to be safe from the relegation spots. However, their 2-1 defeat at home, fighting relegation, has left fans enraged and devastated. 

Fans came out to the streets and vandalized properties of players, and the public, in order to showcase their anger towards the whole situation. Santos attacker Stiven Mendoza’s car was set on fire after the match.

Pele and Neymar Jr’s stats while playing for Santos FC

Pele and Neymar are the most celebrated names in the Santos corner of Sao Paulo. Pele was active with Santos from 1956 to 1974, before joining New York Cosmos. Neymar, on the other hand, was with the academy for six years, before eventually getting into the first team from 2009 to 2013. Neymar left Santos to join Barcelona in 2013. 

However, both the players lit up Santos during their time there. Pele scored 569 goals in 583 appearances for Santos FC, helping them win six league titles and two domestic cups. 

Neymar, who recently broke Pele’s national team record, has netted 107 goals for Santos, in 177 appearances, driving them to Copa Libertadores victory in 2011. However, Neymar did not win any league titles with Santos. 

Neymar won two consecutive South American player of the year titles in 2011 and 2012, an accolade that Pele lifted only once, while playing for Santos in 1973.

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